As its name suggests, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the governing body for cricket in India and has office bearers who are elected by BCCI members and hold key positions in the organisation. Apart from their regular salary, these office bearers also enjoy several perks that come with their positions.

At the recent Apex Council meeting, a few additional perks and benefits were announced for these members. Here’s everything we know about these new perks.

What are the perks and salaries for BCCI honorary jobs?

According to PTI, BCCI office bearers will now be eligible to get a daily allowance of USD 1000 on overseas trips. They will also be travelling in first class and staying in suites during these international trips. These new changes have been implemented after seven years. Earlier, BCCI office-bearers used to get an allowance of USD 750 per day.

BCCI Salary
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According to the BCCI document, the office bearers, including the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and joint secretary will further be entitled to INR 40,000 per day for meetings within India and business class travel, as well as INR 30,000 per day for work travel. These allowances are also applicable to the IPL chairman.

The three members of the Cricket Advisory Committee, who picks the head coaches of the national teams, will be paid INR 3,50,000 for meetings. Although travelling overseas is not likely in their case, each of them is entitled to USD 400 per day in case they do travel abroad. The BCCI CEO will get a daily allowance of USD 650 for foreign tours and INR 15,000 for domestic trips.

Who is the current BCCI President?

The BCCI presidency is considered to be one of the most powerful positions in the cricketing world. As such, the BCCI president is determined via an election. As of 2023, Roger Binny is the President of BCCI. He is a former Indian cricketer who was part of India’s 1983 Cricket World Cup-winning team. He succeeded Sourav Ganguly who was the BCCI president from 2019 to 2022. The President of the BCCI earns a whopping INR 5 crores each year.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the salary of the BCCI president?

Answer: The President of the BCCI earns a whopping INR 5 crores annually.

Question: What are the perks for BCCI's honorary staff?

Answer: Some of the perks for BCCI's honorary staff include first-class air travel, daily allowance of USD 1000 during international trips and accommodation in suites.

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BCCI Honorary Job’s Salary And Perks: First Class Travel, A USD 1000 Daily Allowance And More