The luxuriant Dutch Painter Vincent Van Gogh is prestigiously regarded as one of the most prominent names in Western Art’s history. He has painted more than 2,100 artworks that are positioned in collections and galleries around the world. This time, the hypnotic Vincent Van Gogh exhibition will be debuting in India and it will be showcased for half a month from January 20 to February 17, 2023, in Mumbai! It is now going to mark its presence in the country’s capital Delhi and Bengaluru as well.

The Vincent Van Gogh 360-degree is the very first-of-its-kind exhibition to launch in India

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Vincent Van Gogh 360-degree, a multimedia mesmeric artistic affair, will exhibit the astonishing colours of Van Gogh’s most quintessential works in an unparalleled carnival approaching in Mumbai at the World Trade Centre in 2023. Vincent Van Gogh popularly only dealt with a couple of paintings before he passed away. The 19th-century terrific painter was never really acknowledged for his paintings while he was alive. But today, especially specifying the current era, his paintings are looked upon, highly praised and are taken utmost inspiration from.

The Van Gogh 360-degree India will illuminate a fascinating  journey for visitors

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Putting into use ultramodern technology organised by notable audio-visual creators, Van Gogh 360-degree India will design a fascinating expedition into the universe of the renowned post-impressionist artist. This never-seen-before exhibition in India will be displaying over 300 of Van Gogh’s unbelievably top-notch works. Drenched in the floor-to-ceiling breathtaking projections arousing the legend’s work and enlightening the mind of brilliance! Hiking through monstrous projections that feature intricate details, vibrant colours, meanings, depths, and smooth strokes of the brush, the multimedia exhibition will promisingly carry the beholders into a prismatic world altogether.

Have a look at the dates and tickets for the exhibition

  • The details for the exhibition in Delhi and Bengaluru are yet to be disclosed. Do keep an eye on this article for any future updates.
  • The tickets for the Mumbai exhibition will be scheduled in slots of 45 minutes to an hour. Visitors have already started booking their tickets so try and buckle up at the earliest.
  • The show is said to carry on every day from IST 10:00 am to IST 9:00 pm, with the latest entry at IST 8:00 pm.
  • The tickets for the daytime would cost you Rs. 999 and for the evening slot, it will cost you Rs. 1,099 from Monday to Thursday.
  • Additionally, from Friday to Saturday, the daytime tickets will cost you Rs. 1,299 and the evening slot ticket will cost you Rs. 1,399.
  • However, the anytime-entry ticket will cost you an additional Rs 200. Four-year-old children or children younger than that do not need a ticket plus, the wheelchair facility is also accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why was Van Gogh famous after his death?

Answer: Especially in the 20th century, Van Gogh's paintings became exceptionally popular after his death. It was then when his work was sold for unbelievable prices at auctions and was even featured in successful tourist carnivals.

Question: What made Van Gogh famous?

Answer: Van Gogh is prestigiously regarded as one of the legendary artists by renowned critics, painters, and art lovers. Despite his unmatchable passion for art showcasing Expressionism, Post-Impressionism and Early Abstraction, he only rose to fame after his death.