Moving beyond the trope of hero and villain in cinema, these anti-hero movies have defined the grey space and how!

An anti-hero is someone who’s walking on the thin moral line between right and wrong. They set out to accomplish something which the audience will empathise with, but their ways and methods to reach there are often unsavoury and immoral. An anti-hero is someone who lacks the well-established qualities of a hero, but with the right intentions. Not a lot of movies have got them right, but the few anti-hero movies that have, we are going to take you through them.

Best anti-hero movies

Taxi Driver

A Martin Scorcese classic, this is the story of Travis, an ex-marine and Vietnam veteran, who works as a taxi driver in New York City. He is a hopeless romantic who starts pursuing an underage prostitute, Betsy, and soon the pursuit turns into stalking. A complicated protagonist with shades of antagonism, this is a great anti-hero movie that focuses on the negatives of an otherwise hero.


The era of the raging paparazzi culture that we are living in, this anti-hero movie is now more relevant than ever. The film may look like an average thriller, but if you delve deeper, the nuances will disturb you. An innocent and hardworking man turns into a sociopath, and if you look into his eyes close enough, you will see the monster within.

Fight Club

One of those very few anti-hero movies that did total justice to the concept, this is a journey of rebellion and destruction. In order to address the corporate and capitalist culture, the film focuses on the rise and fall of the Narrator’s selfish and cocky alter-ego, Tyler Durden.


Set in a chaotic Kashmir, Haider will get you questioning the roots of morality, and what is right and wrong. The protagonist himself lives in a grey world. You will find yourself rooting for him at times and questioning yourself at other times.


An anti-hero movie that was ahead of its time, a lot of people kept questioning the climax back when the film had come out. A gem in the neo-noir genre, something that the Hindi film circuit hasn’t explored a lot. Trust me, you will not be able to put a tag of right or wrong on the protagonist. He has figured out quite an unconventional way of survival, and even before you start questioning if that’s right or wrong, so much happens, that you will find yourself trying to answer the other moral questions it raises.

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