First meetings always stay in our hearts and so do romantic stories. And, Sony LIV’s Meet Cute is here for a dose of warm romanticism this winter.

With winter around the corner, it is a perfect time to watch the heartwarming anthology series Meet Cute, that revolves around five heart-touching stories of two people meeting accidentally and beautiful conversations that follow.

The show directed by Deepthi Ghanta and presented by Nani is to be dropped on 25 November.

All we know about Sony LIV’s Meet Cute so far

The plot of Meet Cute

Sony liv Meet Cute
Image: Courtesy of Sony Music South Via Youtube/screengrab

The over two minute trailer captures the cosy vibe of the series with utmost precision. The stories are delicately designed to flow with the seasons in India.

Set in Autumn, the first episode titled Meet the Boy follows a passionate IT professional who isn’t eager to meet a boy for marriage.

The second episode titled Old is Gold revolves around a summer journey where Saru and Mohan (a retired journalist) accidentally meet, and how that changes Saru’s entire outlook towards her relationship.

The third story, InL(aw)ove, follows an obsessive mother who stalks her son’s secret girlfriend and eventually, the stalking turns into beautiful conversations between two women who love the same person.

The fourth, Star Struck, is about a public figure, Shalini, who is left stranded on a street and compelled to take lift from a stranger.

And lastly, the final episode, set in winter,  Ex ? Girl Friend is a story of newly married Anjana who accidentally runs into his husband’s ex-girlfriend. The emotional conversations about love and loss are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

What does the producer say?

As per producer Nani, “Each story of Meet Cute is heart-warming and endearing in its unique way and watching them on the screen will make you remember all the awkward, sweet, accidental conversations you have ever had in life. There is a sense of familiarity, and the audience will be able to resonate with these very real-life situations.”

Nani further adds, “We will be pleased to say that our message has been received if the audience experiences even half of what the actors experienced while acting out the scenes. Progressive and concept-driven stories have always been valued by Sony LIV and we are glad the anthology is streaming on the platform from 25th November.”

The cast of Sony LIV’s Meet Cute 

Sony Liv Meet Cute
Image: Courtesy of Sony Music South Via Youtube/screengrab

Meet the Boy — Ashwin Kumar and Varsha Bollamma

Old is Gold — Sathyaraj, Ruhani Sharma and Raj Chembolu

InL(aw)ove — Rohini, Akanksha Singh and Deekshit Shetty

Star Struck — Adah Sharma, Shiva Kandukuri and Alekya Harika

Ex ? Girl Friend — Sunaina, Sanchita Poonacha and Govind Padmasoory

Main image: Courtesy of Sony Music South Via Youtube/screengrab
Feature image: Courtesy of Sony LIV 

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