Ardent followers of astrology have warned us to keep our guards up because the fiery, red-hot Mars has entered a retrograde motion into the constellation of Gemini. This astrophysical phenomenon commenced on 30 October and will continue until 12 January 2023. So, let’s have a look at what Mars retrograde 2022 is and its effect on us.

The red planet is often associated with determination, conflict, aggression, high sex drive and assertion. When this fourth planet in the solar system appears to be in retrograde, meaning moving backwards, from the Earth’s vantage point, it affects the life on our planet in powerfully different ways, it is believed.

Additionally, Mars is closest to Earth and has a wider orbit — almost twice the distance that of the home planet. Therefore, a Martian year lasts close to two Earth years. This also implies that Mars goes retrograde only once in two years.

Similar to the Mercury retrograde, this, too, is a strictly physical event, which is not exactly problematic but also exciting because only during this period will Earth and Mars come extremely close to giving us a full-blown view of this powerful planet. Us mortals will be able to witness the moon’s eclipse on Mars in a thrilling astrophysical occurrence.

So, while we pull up our socks and prepare for Mars retrograde let us remember that this is not necessarily bad news. But before weighing the pros and cons, let us first understand what exactly happens when Mars stations retrograde and how can we survive this phenomenon.

What happens when Mars retrogrades?

mars retrograde 2022
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When we say that a planet enters retrograde, it is generally more of an optical illusion. In the case of Mars, its normal movement from Earth’s perspective is west to east, but when it is retrograde, it appears to move from east to west, which is backwards. But does it really reverse its movement? The answer is no.

The Earth’s orbit is closer to the Sun as compared to Mars, making its movement faster than the red planet. There comes a period when our planet is closer to completing its round of the Sun, that is when it catches up with the red planet and eventually leaves it behind. While moving forward, it appears as if Mars is moving backwards from the Earth’s vantage point. Therefore, this is purely a game of perception, which, according to astrology, has various intense effects on human life on our planet.

The reason why a cautionary note is given to us during this period is that Mars represents ambition and libido and when it retrogrades, it is expected that we face trouble in these areas of life which could be difficult to cope with.

Moreover, with the retrograde in the skies of Gemini, it could mean that there would be a lot of misinformation or confusion in personal and professional areas of your life. While Gemini is a sign related to curiosity and duality, the influence of Mars retrograde could be destabilising and overwhelming, and you could feel burnt out, too.

However, believers of astrology need not panic because there are positive and negative sides to this occurrence. Read on to know more.

Which signs get most affected by Mars’ backward motion?

mars retrograde 2022
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Want to fastrack a deal or plan to propose marriage to your long-term partner? Astrologers claim that this might not be such a good idea as Mars spins backwards. Boredom, exhaustion, delays, confusion and low libido are all the side effects of the Mars retrograde.

Here is how Mars retrograde will affect the 12 zodiac signs individually.


The ram, which symbolises Aries, may have sparring matches with siblings and loved ones. Also, their creative endeavours might be challenged.


This zodiac sign categorised by the bull will have problems with money matters. It is advised that they tighten their purse strings for the next four to six weeks until the Mars retrograde fades away.


The twins have to be extra careful because Mars is retrograding in their sign. As mentioned earlier, this sign is all about curiosity and great communication skills. During this period, they might face confusion and rage, which may throw this stimulating zodiac sign-off balance.


The overly sensitive crab needs to guard their mental health with passion during this period. They also need to steer clear of the drama which will come their way.


This ambitious fire sign needs to be extra careful when it comes to fulfilling its long-term goals because it can face certain hurdles.


The virgin needs to be guarded with its professional matters. Any trouble brewing with bosses or hindrance in a career is likely to occur.


This air sign needs to be wary of any legal battles, and those working in academics need to be extra careful.


A one-line warning to this deep and passionate sign: Do not make new investments or go for business ventures.


One of the most well-rounded and balanced signs, Sagittarius, too, is set to feel the brunt of Mars’ backward movement. Astrologers warn this sign of an impending confrontation with enemies or even a partner.


Mars retrograde might have an adverse effect on the health and immunity of this usually cool and diligent zodiac sign.


A negative effect on love and family life might be experienced. Parents will have trouble communicating with their kids, partners will have intimacy problems and singles might feel lonelier than usual under the influence of Mars retrograding.


Conflicts might arise if this water sign is planning to move into a new property. Delays and snags, which are characteristic features of Mars retrograde, will manifest in the lives of the Pisce too.

How to survive the Mars retrograde 2022

mars retrograde 2022
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Anger, frustration, lack of motivation, irritation and falling prey to a lot of unwarranted hate, gossip and bullying are what the astrologers are warning about the Mars retrograde. Even cynics can’t help but notice this astrological event. However, one must remember that this is a natural phenomenon, and in astrological parlance, no planetary influence is bad for us.

One will indeed need greater determination and goal-oriented behaviour to achieve their targets, both short- and long-term. All signs are advised to stay clear-headed and weigh their options before arriving at a conclusion of any kind.

Additionally, it is important to take second opinions and not believe everything one hears about oneself. Personal relationships need to be handled with care and a lot of patience. Sparks will fly, but how one deals with them matters in preserving the equations.

Special mention to everyone dealing with anxiety as safeguarding their mental health should be a priority. Taking a step back, reflecting and relaxing a bit can prove fruitful. Mars retrograde also allows us to take some time out for ourselves, unwind and try a new hobby, maybe.

Mars retrograde is not necessarily all doom and gloom, here’s why

mars retrograde 2022
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Despite all its challenges, the Mars retrograde could appear as something more positive. Daily lives can be gruelling, and today’s hustle culture makes it more difficult to take it down a notch and indulge in some self-care. However, this could change.

This astrophysical occurrence is a well-disguised opportunity for us to change old patterns, optimally channelise our emotional energy and take stock of things on financial, personal and professional levels.

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