After his phenomenal debut in 2014, Chinese K-pop star Jackson Wang has been taking the entertainment industry of South Korea by storm. Counted among the most popular K-pop idols, Wang’s massive success, both as part of GOT7 and as a solo artist, has earned him worldwide fame, a growing fan following and endorsement deals with major luxury brands. All this contributes to Jackson Wang’s net worth. But how does he spend his wealth and what are some of the most expensive things owned by him? We find out.

With an estimated net worth of USD 8 million as per Celebrity Net Worth, Jackson Wang is not just a top-tier style icon, brand ambassador and music sensation but also wears the hat of a sportsman. Other members of his family — his father is a fencing gold medallist at the Asian Games and his mother is a former gymnast — have inculcated a sporting interest in Wang, and he began training in fencing at the age of 16. In 2011, the “Just Right” singer ditched a sports scholarship to Stanford University to pursue his music career.

Known for his impressive vocals and incredible dancing skills, Jackson forayed into the music arena as part of the K-pop boy band GOT7, with the first song “Girls Girls Girls” in 2014. He was then represented by one of the most famous Korean agencies, JYP Entertainment, but made headlines when he, along with other GOT7 members, departed from it in 2021. Wang is now represented by Sublime Artist Agency (SAA), founded by Korean idol Rain.

Lucrative brand endorsements

Jackson Wang net worth
Image: Courtesy Jackson Wang/ @jacksonwang852g7/ Instagram

With over 30 million followers on Instagram, there is no doubt that Jackson Wang is one of the most widely followed K-pop icons and a trending celebrity not only in China and South Korea but also the world over. Hence, it comes as no surprise that a significant portion of his wealth comes from luxury brand endorsements and being their brand ambassador.

For instance, Wang has been a Fendi favourite and even released a song named “Fendiman” in 2018, in collaboration with the Italian high fashion maison. The following year, the label announced Wang as its official brand ambassador in China and released its first-ever velvet collection where he was also involved in the designing process.

In 2019, Wang also became the new face of the high jewellery brand, Cartier. Just ahead of the launch of his first English album Journey To The West. Cartier roped him in as the face of its Juste un Clou collection, which reflects how the singer has broken stereotypes and made a name for himself.

Besides these, the “Bullet to the Heart” singer has also signed deals with Nescafe, Beats by Dre, Armani Beauty and L’Oreal Men Pepsi, Snow Beer, VIVO X21, Adidas, Douyin Application, Lenovo in China and Hogan in Hong Kong.

Companies and some of the most expensive things owned by Jackson Wang

Team Wang record label

Jackson Wang net worth- team wang
Image: Courtesy Team Wang records/ @teamwang/ Instagram

Wang launched Team Wang in 2017 and became its CEO when he was only 23 years old. Team Wang is an international record label through which Wang produces his own music and has even released his debut English solo song “Papillon” in the same year. The track stirred the air of the Chinese music industry and soared to No. 1 on Billboard‘s China V Chart on the week of 16 September.

In 2020, Wang rolled out another path-breaking single “100 Ways,” which catapulted him to global stardom. It made him the first K-pop solo artist to appear in the Mediabases’ U.S. Top 40 chart. Co-written by himself, the music video depicts a love story in ancient China as a homage to his country.

Though Wang continues to release his independent music via Team Wang, these projects are promoted in South Korea only, in collaborations with Sublime Artist Agency. SAA founder Rain has also reportedly signed a contract with Team Wang.

Team Wang Design

Jackson Wang net worth- Team Wang design
Image: Courtesy Team Wang Design/ @teamwangdesign/ Instagram

The fashion brand is another fantastic brainchild of the “Dopamine” singer. Launched on 18 July 2020, Team Wang Design is a premium line of designer athleisure clothes that features minimal designs and has a feel-good vibe. The K-pop icon serves as its lead designer and creative director.

Jackson Wang net worth- Team Wang design
Image: Courtesy Jackson Wang/ @jacksonwang852g7/ Instagram

One of the most expensive things owned by Jackson Wang, the brand is based on the philosophy of “Know Yourself, Make Your Own History.” Ever since he launched its first fashion collection called Cookies-The Original in 2020, the label has gone on to join forces with other global luxury brands such as Fendi, Ray-Ban, Super X and Monèt. Their latest fashion drop is titled SPARKLES-MUDANCE Summer Collection, which features a range of pastel shades and florals.

Eschewing typical celebrity merchandise recipes, Team Wang Design outfits and products, such as shirts, hoodies, beanies, caps and pants, are carefully crafted and designed to ensure comfort as well as enhance the style quotient. Besides retailing their products online, there is also a concept space and shop in Shanghai and the products are also featured across select stores in the US.

Designer clothes and accessories

Jackson Wang net worth- designer clothes
Image: Courtesy Jackson Wang/ @jacksonwang852g7/ Instagram

A person with such an on-point fashion game is sure to have luxe taste, and the “Pretty Please” singer doesn’t disappoint. As per media reports, designer clothes and accessories comprise some of the most expensive things owned by Jackson Wang and is often seen sporting Fendi, Off-White and Jimmy Choo numbers along with Team Wang products.

While it is difficult to put a ballpark figure on the value of his extravagant fashion choices, it can be safely deduced to be several thousand US dollars.

Extravagant properties

Net worth- property
Image: Courtesy Jackson Wang/ @jacksonwang852g7/ Instagram

After making a mark in the music industry, he has also made a significant foray into real estate which makes up for some of the most expensive things owned by Jackson Wang. A much-loved K-pop star, Wang reportedly shuttles a lot between China and Hong Kong for work as well as GOT7 group activities and concerts.

A South China Morning Post report states that in 2019, he apparently bought a plush residential unit in The Cullinan complex in Hong Kong’s Union Square, Kowloon. The property is considered one of the most expensive real estate destinations in the country. The 81 sq m property, costing HKD 38.8 million (nearly USD 5 million), features glass curtain walls and offers beautiful views of the Victoria Harbour.

Wang’s philanthropic work

Net worth- philanthropic work
Image: Courtesy Jackson Wang/ @jacksonwang852g7/ Instagram

Despite being a beloved Korean pop icon, Jackson Wang is known for philanthropic practices that bring an instant smile to the faces of fans and friends.

The SCMP report mentions that in 2019, Wang won a defamation case and donated the entire compensation amount of CNY 60,000 (over USD 8,600).

The same year, he also celebrated his 25th birthday at the Beijing Olympics Sports Center which had 5,000 guests. What made the celebration special was that he performed for the fans and handed them Team Wang T-shirts that were designed for the event.

His gifts for family and friends

SCMP mentions that in 2017, he gifted all his GOT7 bandmates USD16,000 custom-made friendship bracelets from IF & Co. Jewellers. It was made of solid 14-karat rose gold with 7mm white gold Cuban link chains and white diamonds.

He also spend quality time with his family. From spending New Year’s Eve with loved ones to gifting his father an iPad pro and luxury watches, Wang is not just extravagant but also benevolent.


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