James Cameron takes us back to Pandora, and this time, it is spectacularly grand. Avatar: The Way Of Water, or as the film is commonly referred to as Avatar 2, was released on 16 December and has garnered a lot of buzz on social media. With critics and celebrities pouring in their reviews, take a look at what it showcases.

After introducing audiences to the planet of Pandora in the 2009 movie, where blue pointy-eared and tailed Na’vi people reside amid nature, the director has now taken a deep dive into its marine world. Jake Sully and Neytiri are now a happily married couple, living with their three children, but their peace is short-lived as the ‘Sky People’ start yet another war.

Thirteen years after the original was released, Cameron has reunited with the cast and crew, along with some new names. Taking the plot forward, he has built an enriching, diverse and nuanced world in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Here is what critics and the Twitterati have to say about Avatar 2

About Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar 2- review
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Taking a deep dive into the unchartered waters of Pandora, Cameron creates a visual spectacle which evokes a Mariana Trench-like wonder. From giant whales to jellyfish and stingray-like creatures, the thriving marine world is a living ecosystem, comprising unusual yet beautiful habitats, which become the home to the Na’vi clan.

Avatar 2 takes the audience under the crashing waves and introduces another clan called Metkayina, led by leaders Tonowari and Ronal. They are a group of amphibious reef dwellers who give refuge to Jake and his family.

The Sullys now have a son named Lo’ak who feels responsibe for the safety of their clan, while the horrors of another war by the ‘Sky People’ hang low. However, Lo’ak must learn about the way of life underwater and imbibe all the intricacies and norms, just as his father did when he came to Pandora and connected with all living things in the first film.

The couple’s adopted daughter Kiri also brings in some unknown mysteries when it comes to her relations with the ‘aliens’ and the Na’vi people.

As humans continue to loot Pandora for another life elixir, Jake, Neytiri and the others have to put up a tough fight to survive and keep their planet safe.

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Cast and crew

Avatar 2- review cast and crew
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Joining Cameron for more adventures in Pandora in Avatar 2, are some familiar names from the 2009 film and several new faces.

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña reprise their roles as ex-marine Jake Sully and native Na’vi woman Neytiri, respectively. While Cliff Curtis essays Tonowari, Kate Winslet portrays Ronal. This is the first time Winslet unites with Cameron after the blockbuster hit Titanic (1997).

Britain Dalton plays the role of Lo’ak, while Sigourney Weaver plays Kiri, Stephen Lang returns as Quaritch and Jemaine Clement as Dr Garvin.

Cameron, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver penned the screenplay of this action-packed sci-fi movie. And, while Richard Baneham serves as the executive producer, Avatar 2 is produced by the director himself and Jon Landau. Composer Simon Franglen joins Cameron’s team to take James Horner’s (1953–2015) work forward. The score keeps emotions heightened throughout the three-hours-and-ten-minutes-long movie.

Critics and Twitterati react to Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar 2- review
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The first Twitter reactions, after the special premiere of Avatar 2 in early December 2022, hailed Cameron for the astounding visual effects, cinematography and heart-thumping war sequences. While some critics found the runtime to be too lengthy and the storyline to be flat, the Avatar sequel has mostly been lauded and raked positive reviews.

Justin Chang of LA Times says, “Cameron wants to submerge you in another time and place, to seduce you into a state of pure, unforced astonishment. And he does, after some visual adjustment; the use of high frame rate (a sped-up 48 frames per second) tends to work better underwater than on dry land, where the overly frictionless, motion-smoothed look might put you briefly in mind of a Na’vi soap opera (“The Blue and the Beautiful,” surely).”

Independent film critic Amanda Salas called it a “cinematic masterpiece.”

Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro also took to Twitter to share his views about the 2022 film.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar praised Cameron and called the film ‘Magnificent.’

Varun Dhawan too praised the grandeur of Avatar 2 and wishes to see it again in ‘imax 3d.’

Twitterati gives a big green signal to Avatar 2.

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