It’s been a long five years since the 2018 release of Crazy Rich Asians. Whilst we don’t know much about Crazy Rich Asians 2 just yet, it looks like the sequel will stay in Southeast Asia, though moving away from Singapore and to the Philippines. Here are the details.

Crazy Rich Asians in the Philippines

Those who have read the books may have already had an inkling, as the Philippines play quite a large role in the world of Kevin Kwan’s rich Asians.

Speaking at the World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit in 2022, he shared that the Philippines is “a country with so many amazing locations, cultures, flavours, and of course, people.” Film producer Lawrence Bender then added, “[Kevin] wrote a script, and it’s like a love letter to the Philippines.”

Following these statements, the rumour mill really got going, but true fans have been left a little confused.

According to the books, the Philippines is only mentioned in the third and final book of the series, which wouldn’t make sense for Crazy Rich Asians 2. Perhaps, they’re working on a spin-off instead, or perhaps the sequel, China Rich Girlfriend plays elsewhere first. Perhaps, they’re not even following the books at all.

crazy rich asians 2 philippines
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Crazy Rich Asians 2 plot

According to the second book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, Crazy Rich Asians 2 should pick up 2 years after the first film. The story is centred around Rachel’s reunion with her long-lost father, and the world of Chinese billionaires, putting the “China rich” in China Rich Girlfriend. The plot also focuses on the growing distance between cousin Astrid and Michael, and a fresh relationship blooming between Astrid and Charlie.

At the time of writing, filming for Crazy Rich Asians 2 has not yet begun.

crazy rich asians 2 philippines
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Crazy Rich Asians spin-off

Speaking of Astrid, rumours have also been speculating that there may be a Crazy Rich Asians spin-off entirely centred on Astrid’s storyline. For those who don’t remember, Astrid was engaged to Charlie but was forced to break off the engagement to marry her current partner, Michael, because of his background. In Crazy Rich Asians she discovers that Michael was unfaithful and leaves him. The film ends with her being back with Charlie, though we do not know for sure whether Astrid has really ended things with Michael. Perhaps, we find out in the Philippines.

It’s curious times for Crazy Rich Asians fans. Watch this space for updates.

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