Netizens have coined the end of the HBO hit show a ‘Succession Depression,’ and honestly? We get it. To fill the private-jet-shaped hole in our hearts as we reminisce over the last #SuccessionSundays, here are 7 Succession spin-offs we’d love to see next.

As Succession saw its last and final episode at the end of last month, fans are finding themselves lost and without purpose, like a Tomelette without any Greggs.

To soothe those pains, we’ve imagined a few Succession spin-offs we’d love to see. Whilst HBO has confirmed that there will be no Succession sequel, we couldn’t quite let go of our favourite toxic TV family just yet. Jesse Armstrong, if you’re reading this, it’s not too late for a re-think. According to our monitoring, the “cultural temperature” says yes.

Now that it’s all over, here are 7 Succession spin-offs we’d love to see


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Desperate Ex-Roy Wives: Marcia, Kerry, Caroline, and Sally-Anne

The image of Marcia, Kerry, Caroline, and Sally-Anne sitting in the front row at Logan Roy’s funeral was both absurd and touching. It got us curious. How did they all meet? What was the story? Has Logan always had a cardigan obsession? For the Desperate Ex-Roy Wives spin-off, we’d love to see these ladies at brunch, dissecting prenups and prospects before heading home in chauffeured limousines (all except for Kerry, who, in the words of Marcia, would take “a taxi to the subway”).

The Boar On The Floor Game Show

There’s no denying the success of game shows, be it long-loved series like Survivor or the more recent sensation around Squid Game. No stranger to a good “play,” a Succession game show spin-off could be centred around the infamous ‘Boar on the Floor’ from season 2. One of the most harrowing scenes in the entire show, we know the biggest fan of this Succession spin-off would be Logan himself. “Say ‘oink’ for your sausages, piggies!”


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Gregariously Gerri

Somebody get Gerri a Martini and her own TV show. We’d love to see Succession spin-offs for some of the non-Roy characters on Succession. What does Gerri get up to when she’s not in the Waystar offices? Where does Naomi Pierce go shopping? Who did Willa’s blonde highlights in season 4? And can we follow Stewy to more parties?

Keeping Up With The Disgusting Brothers

There was no dynamic duo more fun to watch on Succession than Tom and Greg. The possibilities for this spin-off are endless. Nicholas Braun himself has imagined them in Antarctica. Others have imagined them at The White Lotus. Some have even imagined them as lovers. All we know is that the ratings would be through the roof. In the words of Cousin Greg, “if it is to be said, so it be, so it is.”

Connor in the Country-side

In the ‘Tail Gate’ episode, Connor basically pitches his own spin-off show. “Organise a little coup down in old Peru? Put me in a van to Tajikistan? Couldn’t I be our fun guy in Uruguay?” Whilst we know he wouldn’t survive a minute abroad without his decanter, we can imagine a spin-off where he takes a full episode just to talk to us about it. Maybe this Succession spin-off wouldn’t be something you’d be hooked to, but it could be the kind of easy-watching to soothe you to sleep (“I hyper-decant. You don’t hyper-decant? You’re just doing regular decanting?”). As he mentions every 7 minutes, Connor is the eldest son, and we didn’t want to exclude him from this list.\

Meals Fit For a King

One of the most heartwarming scenes in the finale is the ‘meal fit for a king’ scene, taking place at Caroline’s beach house in Barbados. A gorgeous location, most viewers began to wonder why any of the Roy siblings want to work so badly when their mother owns this gem of a holiday home. We saw great potential for a Succession spin-off here, in a world where Shiv, Roman, and Kendall prefer to be funemployed. They could make endless meals fit for a king here, and Peter could even have a segment about his special cheese.

Just 10 episodes of Logan Roy saying his signature line

You know the one. It’s two words and two syllables. It begins with an ‘F’ and ends with an ‘off.’ Logan could say it to people, and he could say it to inanimate objects. The intro song could be Kendall’s ‘L to the OG,’ and it could last a full 40 minutes. Please Brian Cox, we just need to hear it one more time. Our Sundays have never felt so lonely.


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‘Succession’ Spin-Offs Or Sequels We Hope To See In The Future