After J-Hope, Jin, RM, Jimin, Suga, and Jungkook, V of K-pop powerhouse BTS is now gearing up for his solo album. The baritone singer has tapped in producer Min Hee-jin for his upcoming project that will “show a new side” of himself.

Min is the chief producer and CEO of ADOR, a label owned by HYBE, which manages and produces the girl group NewJeans.

Releasing an official statement on 2 August 2023 about Kim Taehyung aka V’s solo album, Bighit Music said the collaboration materialised at the request of the BTS singer.

More about the upcoming debut solo album by BTS’ V

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According to the music label behind BTS, V is currently working with producer Min Hee-jin for his first solo album. The latter will helm the overall production of the album, including the music, choreography, design, and promotion.

Producer Min Hee Jin shared, “I received an offer at the end of last year. I hesitated at first due to the schedule, but I was intrigued by V’s attitude and passion as well as his voice tone, which I wasn’t familiar with. This time, I want [listeners] to focus on the music.”

Describing her vision for the BTS idol’s project, she elaborated, “We prepared music that reflects V’s preferences while simultaneously is music that I want to recommend. Rather than a familiar style, we placed focus on music that we want to make and music that we can pull off well. We were terribly busy, but I think an interesting production emerged.”

Meanwhile, music critic Kim Young-dae, who got the opportunity to listen to a few demos from V’s upcoming solo debut album, said in a 2023 event, “Because of the label, I can’t give you specifics. But I think you’ll be surprised,” reported Koreaboo.

V’s solo album to capture his tastes

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The last BTS member to debut as a solo artist, V is mostly known for his mellow yet diverse song compositions and lyrics in tracks such as “Winter Bear”, “Blue & Grey”, “4 o Clock”, “Scenery”, and “Snow Flower”.

Sharing his feelings about releasing a solo album, V said, “I’m nervous but happy.” He continued, “It’s an album that captures my tastes. There will be abundant spectacles. I prepared while thinking that ARMY will be happy, so I hope you can anticipate it. I think you will be able to see a new side of solo artist V that is different from BTS’s V.”

The BTS singer’s solo album is rumoured to drop in the third quarter of 2023.

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BTS’ V To Release New Solo Album In Collaboration With NewJeans Producer Min Hee-Jin