Luxury fashion’s latest statement piece — MSCHF’s Big Red Boot — has created quite a buzz across the internet.

The boots are created by the same New York-based collective that holds credits for Lil Nas X’s Satan shoes and Birkenstock sandals made from Hermès’ Birkin bags.

All set to go on sale on 16 February for USD 350, MSCHF’s official website is calling the footwear “cartoon boots for a cool 3D world.” As the news went viral, a TikTok video featuring the boots has garnered more than 3 million views and over half a million likes in just 24 hours.

Here are all the details about the Big Red Boot

Big Red Boot MSCHF
Image credit: Big Red Boot/MSCHF

Describing the concept behind these boots, MSCHF explains on its website that “cartoonishness is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality.” And thus the idea behind the cool kicks.

MSCHF further goes on to say, “The aesthetic overton window continues to stretch open towards the unreal. When half the sneakers we see on social media are renderings, we come to expect a baseline of unreality. Big Red Boots are VR chat boots.”

Talking about the design of the boots, the website adds: “It’s a footwear design truism that the shape of a shoe is not the shape of a foot. Big Red Boots are really not shaped like feet, but they are extremely shaped like boots.”

The materials and other characteristic details of Big Red Boot include:

  • Big
  • Red
  • TPU Rubber Shell
  • EVA Out/Midsole
  • Patent Pending

Internet frenzy over the new MSCHF boots

With images of MSCHF’s upcoming Big Red Boot flooding social media, one can also see celebrities flaunting the footwear.

Recently, American rapper Lil Wayne was seen wearing the boots on the set of his music video with NLE Choppa.

American model Wisdom Kaye also uploaded multiple pictures of her showing off the boots. She tweeted, “I didn’t do this on purpose but [sic.] really cool nonetheless.”

Partaking in the hype was The Pokémon Company International’s official Twitter account, which tweeted about them with their own quirky cartoon reference.

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(Main image credit: mschfsneakers/Instagram; featured image credit: Big Red Boot/MSCHF)

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MSCHF’s Big Red Boot: Why Is The Internet Obsessed With It?