If you have found yourself arguing with your non-native friends that Indian cuisine is superior, you were right. Proof? India ranked fifth in a list of best global cuisines in 2022, by Taste Atlas. The countries India beat to secure the fifth position will surprise you!

With a total of 4.54 points, India beat countries like Mexico, the US, France, and China to secure this position. The ranking of several countries was done on the basis of audience voting who voted for ingredients, dishes, and beverages belonging to different cuisines. Let’s find out more.

Indian cuisine voted 5th best in the world

Wondering which Indian dishes and ingredients made it to the list? You will be delighted to find your favourites. Garam masala, malai, ghee, butter garlic naan, keema, chutney, biryani, butter chicken, tandoori chicken and 460 other popular and regional Indian dishes have contributed to putting India in the fifth position.

Restaurants from all over India have also played their fair share. Gulati, Bukhara, and Dum Pukht, in Delhi, Comorin in Gurgaon, Annalakshmi in Chennai, Mavalli tiffin Rooms and Karavalli in Bangalore, Shree Thaker Bhojanalaya in Mumbai, and more than 450 other Indian restaurants are also in this list, voted to be the best places to eat in India.

indian cuisine
Image: Courtesy Raman/Unsplash
indian cuisine
Image: Courtesy Syed F Hashemi/Unsplash

The first four positions were secured by Italy, Greece, Spain, and Japan respectively. From Italy with a rating of 4.72, dishes like Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto Toscano, Nduja, Risotto ai funghi porcini, Pesto Genovese, and 2,433 others were voted the best. Whereas, in Japan, Ikura, Kobe Beef, Ramen Noodles, Karaage, Bento, and 535 other dishes were named the best.

Cuisines like Mexican, American, Turkish, French, and Peruvian were the other entrants in the top 10 list.

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Indian Cuisine Ranked As Being The 5th Best In The World By Taste Atlas