Having the perfect laptop at your disposal is essential for a phenomenal gaming experience. It’s like a full-scale gaming machine that lets you perform better and climb up the scoreboards. Interestingly, one can find some of the best gaming laptops under INR 60000 which is possibly every beginner’s dream come true.

A gaming laptop is unlike the usual one owing to its configuration, high-powered specifications, speed and specific graphics processor (GPU), which is why investing in a dedicated desktop for gaming purposes is ideal. Moreover, while playing games on a normal laptop isn’t as efficient and experiential as it should be, one can use a gaming laptop for their daily tasks and work-related needs. Hence, if you’re a gaming novice who’s looking for an all-in-one device, you know what to do.

Nowadays, some of the best gaming laptops are designed to provide the competence and capacity of a powerful device in a sleeker, lighter and more portable design as compared to traditional and heavy ones. They can run for long periods without heating up and are equipped with optimum performance, exceptional displays with fast refresh rates and high-quality graphics.

What to look for while buying the best gaming laptop?

Splurging on a gaming laptop is a big decision and involves considering a few factors and key features, especially if you’re a beginner. Since it’s quite a task, we have curated this guide to help you pick one easily.

Processor (CPU)

The Central Processing Unit or CPU is the main component. It is the brain of any laptop, especially gaming ones. Built with cores, threads and clock speed, a processor handles and distributes the workload of the laptop to ensure a fast pace. Compare this aspect across various models and choose appropriately since a good processor is adept at running and handling even the most demanding games without any lag or speed issues. Gaming laptop CPUs are usually equipped with four to eight cores with two threads per core.

Graphics card (GPU)

A dedicated graphics card (or a video card) makes for one of the most essential components of a gaming laptop. It is responsible for processing information and generating high-resolution graphics output on the screen. Since games involve GPUs, it is absolutely essential that you invest in a good one after doing thorough research.


The display of the laptop impacts your gaming experience significantly — both size and resolution. The most common display size that also adds to the laptop’s portability is 15 inches; however, it also goes up to 17 inches in many models. Additionally, while 1080 pixels is the standard resolution, newer laptops feature up to 1440 pixels (4K display).

While OLED panels offer visuals that are extremely vibrant and enhanced, LCD panels make for a better choice if you desire high refresh rates (on-screen action appears smooth).


Random Access Memory or RAM stores data temporarily to ensure your programs load quicker. Additionally, it also allows the system to switch between multiple programs and background services rapidly without hampering the user experience. For an unmatched gaming session, it is ideal to opt for a laptop with a RAM of 16GB or 32GB however, 8GB RAM is also enough for mid-level gaming.


Gaming laptops are available in a slew of sizes, from bulky to slim ones. However, over the years, models have gone relatively thinner to increase portability without compromising on performance. Even optimum cooling systems are now being incorporated in these slim designs as compared to the stereotypically thick ones.

Take your pick from these best gaming laptops under INR 60000

Asus TUF Gaming A15
Asus TUF Gaming A15

Offering a great gaming experience combined with durability is the Asus TUF Gaming A15 laptop that can be your ally on the road to victory across leaderboards. Fulfilling all the minimal requirements of entry-level gaming, this model is apt for beginners. It is powered by the AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. Supporting 8GB RAM and storage of 512GB (upgradable), the laptop has 1-Zone RGB Backlit keyboard and comes pre-installed with Windows 11.

From Age of Empires IV, Battlefield V and Minecraft to Knockout City, Titanfall 2 and Need for Speed Heat, you can play many such titles on this gaming laptop.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3
Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3

The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 is one of the most popular gaming laptops under INR 60000. It is portable, delivers high performance and also lets you play while you are on the go owing to its lightweight and sleek design. Having undergone various military specification tests, it is built to withstand drops, shocks and extreme high and low temperatures. It is powered by the Intel Core i5 11 generation processor that ensures optimum functionality and efficiency and supports the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card that delivers seamless gaming.

While its 15.6-inch screen adds to the user experience, its advanced thermal system keeps the overheating in check. The Legionary TrueStrike keyboard with backlight and several controls, excellent surround sound, connectivity capacity due to numerous ports, 8GB RAM and eight hours of battery backup are some other features that make this model a great pick.

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MSI Bravo 15 Ryzen5
MSI Bravo 15 Ryzen5

A laptop that not only delivers optimum performance but also provides an unbeatable gaming experience, the MSI Bravo 15 Ryzen5 can be a great option for beginners. While its stylish and lightweight design is efficiently combined with durability and utility, this model is also equipped with an advanced thermal solution that keeps it cool and reduces noise. To ensure that you have an unforgettable gaming session each time, features like an immersive audio system, Quick Login feature to make resuming games easier and high-speed connectivity are part of the model. Additionally, the MSI App Player allows seamless gaming between the laptop and mobile.

This piece runs on AMD Ryzen 5 Hexa Core processor facilitated by AMD Radeon RX 5500M GPU. With 512GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM, the laptop delivers an efficient high-calibre performance and nothing less.

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acer Aspire 7
acer Aspire 7

Available in 8GB and 16GB RAM variants is the acer Aspire 7 that lets you make the best of both worlds. Efficient at being both a business laptop and a gaming machine, this model with a 15-inch screen ensures stunning visuals. It is an efficient and reliable device owing to its AMD Ryzen 5500U processor combined with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card.

From Windows 11 Home operating system, 8GB RAM (expandable up to 32GB) and 512 SSD storage to easy network and port-based connectivity, backlit keyboard and a built-in surround system, this gaming laptop has got all that it takes to be one of the best ones under INR 60000.

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Asus TUF Gaming F15
Asus TUF Gaming F15

The Asus TUF F15 gaming laptop with Intel Core i5 10 generation and Windows 11 Home operating system offers an impeccable and fast-paced performance. Supported by GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, this system also lets you accomplish all your daily laptop needs alongside gaming. Built with military-grade durability and an efficient cooling system, this model is quite sturdy and reliable.

Like other laptops, this model too is equipped with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage. Additional features to note about this device includes compatible connectivity ports, DTS x Ultra 7.1 channel surround sound system, keyboard with uniform RGB backlights and high-definition display screen.

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Prices of the products mentioned in the story are subject to change. (Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Asus)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which are the most expensive gaming laptops?

Answer: Priced at approximately INR 6,99,999, Acer Predator 21X is the most expensive gaming laptop followed by MSI GT75 Titan 4K-012 priced at approximately INR 3,99,989.

Question: Are professional laptops under INR 60000 good for gaming?

Answer: While you might be able to play mid-level games on a normal or business laptop, it won’t be able to provide you with an unmatched user experience that a gaming laptop can.

Question: What is the battery life of gaming laptops under INR 60000?

Answer: The battery life of a gaming laptop under INR 60000 should last for at least six to eight hours.

Question: What is the minimum RAM and graphics card required for gaming laptops?

Answer: While 8GB RAM is sufficient for mid-level gaming, 16GB RAM is rather ideal for a great gaming experience. As for the graphics card, a minimum of GTX 1050 Ti/1050, RX 570/580 is a must.

Question: Can I upgrade the RAM and storage in gaming laptops under INR 60000?

Answer: Yes, both RAM and storage can be upgraded or expanded in gaming laptops.

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