Caviar debuts the Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max as part of their Grand Complications collection, which wears a yellow gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona on its rear. Retailing for $134,250, here’s all about it.

In the codes of Caviar, nothing is off-bounds. We’ve seen them bedazzle iPhones in 18K pure gold, and have diamonds, paintings, and quite literally moondust on its rear. To an unfamiliar eye, they might seem like fancy smartphone case-makers throwing in a bunch of outlandish materials and objects into the mix but t in reality, they’re connoisseurs of tech body craft. They’ve shifted their attention back to horological feats. Last time, we saw a tourbillon for iPhone 12, but today, there’s a full-fledged yellow-gold Daytona nested on the iPhone 14’s body in all its glory. Under their “Grand Complications” collection, they present the Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max which bares a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. Here’s all about it.

Caviar Rolex Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max

caviar rolex iphone 14

The Daytona is an icon in both worlds, motoring and watchmaking. Its very legacy is based on mechanical excellence and victory. Caviar perfectly understands this emotion and knew that this special edition needed more than just a mechanical fitting. They’ve thrown in a few decorative sensors drawn from a race car control panel, which you can see alongside the timepiece. The mechanical chronograph sits on the rear of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you also get a “Skeleton Booster” option, for those who prefer embracing the mechanical mastery of motorsports. which means, wireless charging can be difficult.

Upon close inspection, you’ll realize that the Daytona’s iconic design is actually based on racing cars from the 1930s. The decorative speedometers and indexes, take after them, creating the impression of a racecar’s dashboard from its era. All of this is made out of gold, the sub-dials, the indexes, and switches. On the other hand, the Skeleton Booster design is marked by black reinforced grilles and the cool glow of titanium bolts. You must be wondering, which Daytona is it? Well, it’s a Ref 116508, which is cased in 40-mm yellow gold and boasts 8 diamonds. Running automatic, you’ll also find a chronograph, in typical Daytona fashion. Also, the multi-level body of the case is crafted out of titanium and coated with a black PVD coating. Rolex uses exactly this to craft their black dials, cases, and bracelets.

caviar rolex iphone 14

Interestingly, the “Grand Complications” Skeleton Booster iPhone 14 Pro is only available in a 128-GB build, priced at $10,320 USD. On the other hand, the showstopping Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max 1Tb will be available in a standard 1-TB build and priced at a whopping $134,250. Only three will be made.

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