ChatGPT will now get ‘eyes and ears’ through new plugins. The co-founder and CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman revealed that, as the demand for these plugins has been there since the launch of ChatGPT, they will now be introduced slowly, one at a time.

In a blog post, OpenAI announced to the world that ChatGPT will soon have ‘eyes and ears’. Now the question arises, what are these plugins and exactly what new features will they bring to the table?

What are ChatGPT’s new ‘eyes and ears’ plugins?

To enhance the capabilities of its language model, ChatGPT has introduced third-party developers to add external tools and services to its chatbot. The company believes that these additional plugins will enable the AI model to perform a wide range of tasks beyond its regular functions.

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So, what exactly constitutes these new ‘eyes and ears’? To explain them in simpler terms, OpenAI claims that these add-on plugins will act like the ‘eyes and ears’ for the language model by giving it access to real-time information and user data. It’s important to mention that OpenAI has assured users that this won’t be done without their consent.

The tech company has also invited select developers who can use its documentation to build these plugins. The first batch of plugins has already been created by a range of companies including Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, KAYAK, Klarna, Milo, OpenTable, Shopify, Slack, Speak, Wolfram and Zapier, as per the company’s blog.

ChatGPT: Can you try the new plugins right now?

As of now, the new plugins are only available in the form of ‘alpha access’ for developers and insiders. For those who wish to have access, there is a waitlist for the same. It might also be helpful if users are subscribed to ChatGPT Plus as OpenAI tends to prioritise ChatGPT Plus users.

If you are still confused about the new ChatGPT plugins, take a look at the video below that explains everything in detail:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Has ChatGPT launched a new version?

Answer: GPT-4 is the newest version of the popular AI chatbot. It is available to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus.

Question: What is the accuracy of ChatGPT?

Answer: According to reports, the accuracy of ChatGPT depends on the quality and quantity of its training data. Additionally, the clarity of the inputs from users also plays a role in determining its accuracy.

Question: Is GPT-4 available now?

Answer: As of March 2023, GPT-4 is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and as an API for developers to build applications and services.

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ChatGPT To Get ‘Eyes And Ears’ Thanks To Exciting New Plugins And Features