All tech geeks and non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts prepare yourselves as former US President Donald Trump has some ‘major announcements’ to make. He has unveiled a collection of USD trading cards showing himself in a number of different and quirky avatars.

The former Republican Party head, who is eyeing to stand for another US Presidential election, announced the release of these NFTs on 15 December 2022.

Here’s all we know about the Donald Trump NFTs

The trading cards

Donald Trump NFT
Image credit: Collect Trump Cards

The limited-edition Donald Trump NFTs feature the former White House supremo in the guise of a cowboy, astronaut, golfer and many more avatars. Its dedicated website, CollectTrumpCards states that some of these rare collectables are one of a kind, while few others are capped at 20 or below.

The Trump digital cards can be minted on the Polygon blockchain — an eco-friendly and carbon-neutral blockchain technology that doesn’t impact the environment. They can be purchased with ETH cryptocurrency or a credit card. The website also mentions “Trump Digital Trading Cards (NFTs) are intended as collectible items for individual enjoyment only, not for investment vehicles.”

Trump had caused a lot of hullabaloo about these on Truth Social, the social media platform he launched in 2021. Per a Wion report, in a promotional video, he states, “These cards feature some of the really incredible artwork pertaining to my life and my career. It has been very exciting.”

You can purchase the NFT card of your liking from the website.

Perks and rewards for buying your Trump card

These Trump NFTs come with their own exclusive codes and buyers are also rewarded for every purchase. Priced at USD 99 each, anyone who buys 45 cards is guaranteed a lavish dinner with the former President in South Florida.

Sweepstakes entry to win prizes, a zoom call with the man himself, golfing in one of his beautiful courses and much more await you once you dip your toes in this crypto Trump history.

Donald Trump and politics

The ‘major announcement’ of these NFTs comes after his previous announcement in November, where he declared he would run for the Office again. However, he has since suffered heavy setbacks and many of the candidates he supported lost in midterm elections. This has amounted to criticism from within the Republican Party and a decline in approval among the party voters.

Trump timed the rolling out of these NFTs targeting the upcoming shopping season around Christmas. However, currently, since there is a major dip in NFT trading volume, it can be difficult to position them as assets in the market.

(Main and feature image credit: President Donald J. Trump/ @realdonaldtrump/ Instagram)

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Donald Trump’s NFTs: Former President Releases $99 Trading Cards Of Him In Funky Avatars