Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts takes us on a ride through the magical world of J. K. Rowling once again. And if you are a die-hard Potter fan and love practicing your Harry Potter spells, turns out that saying “Lumos” to Siri switches on an iPhone’s flashlight!

“Lumos” is a magical spell from Harry Potter films and books. Once said, the tip of the wand of the person who is casting the spell would light up. In other words, it serves as a flashlight, enabling the magician to see in the dark. 

Read on to find out what the buzz around the spell is all about

Twitter handle triggers flashlight run

Harry Potter Lumos
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Someone on Twitter found that saying “Lumos” to Siri on iPhones switches on the flashlight. Interestingly, by saying “Nox”, the counter-spell, you would switch off the phone’s flashlight.

Here’s the tweet that has re-triggered the fascination of Potterheads with their Apple iPhone’s flashlight.

“The Harry Potter spell “Lumos” can be used to activate Android and iPhone flashlights,” reads the tweet by the handle @UberFacts.

Soon, it was claimed that saying the same word on to Google Assistant on Android phones worked as well.

How can iPhone and Android users use the spell?

Harry Potter Lumos
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To turn on the flashlight by “casting the spell,” iPhone users need to tap on Siri and say “Lumos”. The flashlight will turn on.

Android users can download Google Assistant on their phones to try out this trick. Once done and the voice feature is activated, say “Hey Google” before naming the spell. In this case, say “Lumos” and voila! The flashlight will turn on.

What people said when they tried it

With the tweet launching a series of responses, some said it worked like a charm, while others were disappointed that it didn’t.

“I just did the Harry Potter thing where you say “Lumos” thing at Siri and my flash light turned on and my roomate goes “oh sweet you taught Siri Spanis,” said Twitter user @KendraKastles.


“If you are a Harry Potter fan this one is for you. Open Siri and say “Lumos” and be amazed. I was today years old when I felt like a wizard, Harry!!” said @morris_atc.

“cannot believe saying “lumos” to Siri actually works Exploding headExploding headExploding headExploding head the Harry Potter fangirl inside of me is screaammiinnggg,” read a tweet by @sophsjonesy.

“It worked,” said @gervin_dk, while sharing a screenshot.

What was more fascinating was that many others said there was much more to this than the flashlight trick. They shared their experiences on Twitter.

“Lumos turned on my lights at home, and Nox turned them all off…,” said @sl0wburnTV.

“I tried the spell but instead of the flashlight I sharted and received an amber alert,” said another tweet by @kramerspeephole.


So, try it on your phone and see if it works!

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Potterheads check if Harry Potter spell ‘Lumos’ turns on your phone’s flashlight