Number one is linked with progress, affirmation and personal growth. The number 11 is hailed as a master number and seeing it amplifies the blessings, learnings and good energy to make one’s life fulfilling and happy. Here is everything you need to know about seeing 11:11 or 1111 and what it means in relation to numerology and tarot.

Angel number 11:11 meaning in numerology

Number one in numerology means freedom, independence and autonomy. It indicates that the person seeing this number will have leadership qualities and is on the path of prioritising their progress. Both 11:11 and 1111 in numerology hold spiritual significance for the individual, along with validation from the universe to carry out their mission in life. Seeing this number will lead to positive changes and being completely one with the universe’s plan to make things work out in your life.

Numerology states that it is wise to trust your gut if there is a presence of 1111 or 11:11 in your everyday life. The number is also said to provide a lot of strength to negotiate the different challenges of life.

Another implication of this number sequence is that your brain and belief systems will be strengthened. Additionally, your focus will be aligned towards your spiritual journey, and it will set you on the right path.

11:11 and connection with tarot

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This angel number represents ‘Four of Wands,’ with two wands appearing on either side. It symbolises a happy couple who come together to fulfil their combined goals and support each other through thick and thin. If one gets this card in tarot, it means that they are supported by the universe in their new journey. It also means that one can use this divine guidance to fulfil their dreams and desires.

The meaning of getting this card in an upright position is read as a very good omen for you and your loved ones. Family bonding, marriage prospects and general domestic wellness are associated with this reading. It has a very good effect on the career and health of the person also. Overall, it means that the individual will flourish in all the important aspects of life.

Alternatively, ‘Four of Wands’ reversed has the opposite connotation. It represents loneliness, neglect and isolation at home and on the work front. It also means that the person may incur financial losses or that their projects may not prosper. The reversed card also indicates poor health and suffering.

Zodiac-wise, this tarot card belongs to the fire element and its sign is Aries with Mars as its ruling planet. Hence, it also implies assertion, passion, drive and optimism.

Manifestation of 11:11: Making the best of its mystical powers

1111 in numerology
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There is a high chance that you will be prompted to create your own destiny and embrace new beginnings. Be it a new job, a new relationship, starting a family or relocating, 11:11 supports all this and more. You will also get many opportunities to shift gears in your career and maybe find the strength to take a plunge in your field. Financial circumstances are set to improve.

One would also feel motivated to self-introspect or take a call on certain important life decisions and cut off from things and situations that no longer serve you. In one’s love life, too, this angel number gives a new perspective and brings about a welcome change, which strengthens the bond.

Therefore, it is important not to take the sighting of 11:11 lightly and grab the opportunity to manifest one’s dreams in order to realise them. Additionally, one must also be graceful in accepting the new changes with gratitude.

Angel number 11:11 effect on zodiac signs

1111 in numerology
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Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo zodiacs are most affected by 11:11. The intense water sign of Scorpio will be in the square aspect with the revolutionary air sign Aquarius. Things will be tense in the beginning for these signs before settling down for good.

The stable earth sign of Taurus and the fixed fire sign Leo will learn important lessons that will be profitable to them in the long run.


It is recommended that one regularly practise journaling and meditation to harness the complete powers of 11:11 and accept any major life change. This also leads to a good energy flow in life, which encourages good fortune and prosperity.

In the end, it is important to surrender to the universe, trusting it to do the best for those of us who are on a personal journey of self-fulfilment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-What does 11:11 mean?

The meaning of 1111 or 11:11 is positive and encouraging for personal and financial growth. It means that your guardian angel is supporting you to achieve your dreams and desires. It also means ‘Four of Wands’ in tarot, which signifies partnership and bonding.

-What is lucky about 11:11?

This angel number represents divine interpretation and is very lucky for individuals in their personal and professional lives.

-Can 11:11 be a warning?

The angel number can be a warning sign for those stuck in bad relationships or jobs to get out of that situation.

-Does an 11:11 wish come true?

It is believed that one should manifest their wishes and use this opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

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1111 In Numerology: What Is Its Meaning And Significance?