With belif as one of our sponsors for the 2020 A-List campaign, our A-Listers got to experience the effectiveness of the brand’s products. We check in with Shaun Liew and Ariffin Azmi to find out how their skin is doing after their belif skincare experience.

How important is skincare to you?
Ariffin (A): Well it’s one of the first things I do before I start my day, and one of the last thing before I end my day. It helps me feel fresh and avoid oily skin, so I’d say quite important.
Shaun (S): Skincare is really important because you definitely want to take care of your skin to maintain your good looks, skin hygiene and to feel fresh and vibrant throughout the day.

What are your skin concerns?
A: Sadly I have oily skin type and I sometimes tend to get pimples as well. Thankfully after using the wash and toner from belif, these issues have become less frequent, actually, come to think of it, I can’t remember when was the last I had oily skin since using belif.

S: My skin is usually dry, I think mainly from being exposed to air conditioning most of the time, but also because our country has high humidity, I also face oily skin issues every now and then when I’m out and about.

Can you tell us about your routine?
A: It depends on my schedule really, sometimes I skip a step in case I’m rushing. So usually I start with a face wash, that’s always fundamental, you can’t miss out on that. Next is the toner, and finally the moisturiser; when I’m rushing I don’t manage to moisturise in the morning, so I make sure to also do it at night. I also use belief products before bed because I sleep in an air-conditioned room, so you really need to moisturise. That way, when I wake up in the morning I feel fresh and comfortable, and my skin doesn’t feel dry.

Oh, also, I even bring the products to the gym. After I work out, I’d normally use the cleansing foam to remove any impurities and get rid of any excess oil. Then I’d use the toner so that my skin can better absorb moisture before I use a little bit of the essential moisturiser to keep my face feeling fresh.

S: In the past I only used a facial cleanser to wash my face, but as you grow older you realise you need to take care of your skin a little bit more. So now I follow the three- steps, basically using a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser.

So I just rinse my face first with a cleanser, then subsequently apply the toner, then I use one of my favourites – the moisturizing bomb. That really hydrates my skin; it’s a dense and creamy moisturiser that leaves my skin hydrated and prevents dryness as well. I really think it’s one of the best moisturisers to ensure your skin maintains hydrated.

I use belif products twice a day as well. Just before I go to work, to ensure that my face is looking fresh and I’m feeling great, and then once again after I’m back home. This is mainly to ensure my skin’s hygiene is on point too, apart from keeping my skin smooth and supple.

Which belif product is your favourite?
A: Well I have two, the face wash foam and the toner. Honestly most of the belif skincare products are amazing.
S: Hmm, it’s a close call between the moisturising bomb and the cleanser. I’d go with the cleanser, because that you don’t have to use a lot. The foam’s a very dense foam, you just squeeze a little out and wash your face with it. Plus, it works really well to keep your face feeling clean and fresh.

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Aaron Pereira
Digital Editor
This fine chocolate man, (that is a connoisseur of fine chocolates) prefers real-life conversations and living off-screen, but is slowly and surely embracing the digital, search engine optimised life.

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