A-Listers Daniel Woodroof, Matthew Lim, and Syafiq Mobin share on the wonders of Braun Büffel bags.


What is a typical daily routine for you, on working days as well as the weekends?

I would say my weekdays are fairly structured. I wake up around 8am, have my morning coffee, and then I’d get straight into work. Now that we’re working from home, I don’t leave my bedroom. I’d get on a morning call with the entire team, and we go through all our deliverables and tasks for the day. And that’s a given on every single day. After which it’s just straight into meetings and they tend to run from 10am straight till 7pm.

The weekends vary depending on the circumstances. If I do have time off, I’d try to recover and relax as much as possible. Often, I’d spend my free time at Sepang, helping to drive a coach for Stratos Motorsports. That takes up a lot of time, but it’s a labor of love. Ultimately, racing was my first love and always will be. So, tired or not, there’s always time to be at the racetrack, and yeah, that’s pretty much the standard routine.

What are essentials that you cannot live without?

My laptop and my phone. I would say my phone is at number one, laptop at number two, and Apple Watch at number three. Funnily enough, I’m like a walking Apple billboard. It keeps me on top of all my tasks, all my meetings, and I can see all my messages in an instant. I get constant reminders to finish the necessary tasks. It’s kind of like a little personal assistant, you know?

How does the bag complement your lifestyle?

As things begin to open up, I feel like I’m resuming the on-the-go lifestyle, and that’s very much the lifestyle that I carried on before COVID-19. I would say I’ve become a slightly different person in the last year because like many others, I haven’t left my room. But now that things are opening back up, I’m back on the move and that means that things like my essentials – my headphones, my sanitiser, my mask, and my phone – can be kept in this convenient bag.

What aspect of the bag appeals to you the most?

I would say it’s the space within and the size of the bag. In terms of being a statement piece, it works. It’s not too big, not too loud. It’s portable and convenient. You’re not always lugging around a big bag with you. At the same time, it fits all my essentials, and more. If I wanted to throw in a power bank, if I wanted to throw in anything else, I could probably fit it in this bag as well. Also, I could bring it around with me whenever I’m driving myself or if I’m hopping in a Grab car.

I think the colour combination is very versatile as well. Whether I’m wearing something dark, whether I’m wearing something light, I feel like the colour combination is something that works with a lot of outfits. And I like the shape. By no means am I going to pretend that I’m a fashion designer. [Laughs] But I find the bag to be aesthetically pleasing to look at, and it helps to complement that smart, casual look. Like I said, it’s versatile, and that is me.



What is a typical daily routine for you, on working days as well as the weekends?

My daily routine is driven by work. Even the weekends are shaped by work, in some ways. I used to travel a lot, whether it’s traveling outstation or overseas. After the MCO, I noticed my lifestyle has been balanced. These days, I wake up early, and I sleep early too. After I wake up, I will proceed to meditate, exercise, have my breakfast, and I’ll start my meeting at the office. The meetings require a lot of energy and creativity, and they come in various forms, such as internal meetings and external client consultant meetings.

When I’m not swarmed by work, I’ll pick up my kids around 6pm, and we’ll have dinner together as a family.  Typically, I’d have a reading session for about half an hour before I sleep.

What are essentials that you cannot live without?

I think in terms of devices the essentials would be my iPhone, my iPad, as well as my MacBook. In terms of activities that are essential to me in my daily life, I’d say meditation and reading have made an impact in my life. I work in a fast-paced environment, and both activities helped me tremendously in terms of calming myself down. They help me stay focused, making sure that I am not engulfed by my schedule. I’m also big on breakfast too. I can skip on other meals, but never breakfast!

How does the bag complement your lifestyle?

First of all, it’s quite stylish. In terms of its practicality, it has a lot of compartments. What I really like about the bag is that it has a pen holder. I get to place both my Apple Pencil and Montblanc pen inside the bag. It’s great in terms of its functionality.

Whenever I attend meetings, there’s always a lot of things that I need to bring along with me. You know? Things like scale rulers. Also, I really like how lightweight the bag is. In the past, I used to have different bags for different purposes, but the weight never felt right. They become too heavy the moment I place my laptop in them. With this bag, it was never an issue.

What aspect of the bag appeals to you the most?

I appreciate how the bag doesn’t look too fine. It has a masculine character to it, as you can tell through the details, linings, as well as the textures of the leather. While leather bags are expected to look premium and fine, I find these qualities don’t really reflect the character of a designer. I feel like the bag has a very good combination when it comes to blending the details and the texture of the leather.  It’s very nice.



What is a typical daily routine for you, on working days as well as the weekends?

My work life is quite typical, with a standard nine-to-five routine throughout the weekdays. I work for a local bank in the CSR and marketing department. My lifestyle starts after my working hours. From 5:30pm onwards I’d usually go to the gym or go to the nearby park to exercise for at least two hours a day. I work out on daily basis. Weekends are when I take the time off to hang out with my friends, go out, or watch a movie.  It’s important to take care of yourself, which is why I make it to a point to work out every day for the past five years.

What are essentials that you cannot live without?

My phone. Because that is how I keep in touch with my friends and get to know about the latest news. We work with our gadgets every day, you’re practically surrounded by electronics. During the lockdown, my mobile phone became the one thing I cannot live without, it’s how I keep in touch with friends.

As someone who works out, my Apple Watch is also increasingly important. The device helps me keep track on the number of calories I burned. Every day, I will make sure that I will burn at least 1200 calories.

How does the bag complement your lifestyle?

I like the fact that the bag is lightweight. For me, it’s very important. When you’re carrying a duffel bag, your shoulders and back are more likely to be affected due to its weight. From a practical standpoint, the bag is functional as it has a lot of compartments. I can keep my water bottle, my phone, and it ensures that my things don’t get jumbled up. The bag work wonders when I transition from my work to the gym, as there’s still room for me to put my gym clothes in.

What aspect of the bag appeals to you the most?

The design is very modern, it has a look that’s very much in line with the trend these days. The bag is sporty, yet it’s unconventional at the same time. Because of its design, it’s never out of place, it works as both a work bag and a gym bag. Basically, you’re killing two birds with one stone!



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