At its basic level, food is a source of sustenance – but it’s much more than. Food is often an important part of any celebration. Whether it’s celebrating birthdays, uniting with family and friends, or forging new relationships, food can be a powerful way in bringing together. Recently, we gathered four of the ten personalities from The A-List 2021 to try their hands at making a cake at Bakebe.

Upon arrival, A-Listers Daniel Lim, Imran Fauzi, Kingsley Tan, and Syafiq Mobin were greeted by the Co-Founder of Bakebe, Sherrine Chua. The guys were given the tour before they got into baking mode. Dressed in warm peach pink hues that create an elegant environment, every corner of the co-baking studio is an Instagram bait — imagine floral walls and doughnut backdrops with scented props.

With a section cordoned off at Bakebe, the guys made themselves comfortable before delving into the essentials. Throughout the course, our A-Listers find themselves transforming unassuming heaps of flour into dreamy desserts. Baking may be daunting to many first timers, but our A-Listers were more than equipped in tackling the challenges.

Utilising digital technology to enhance the conventional baking experience, our A-Listers were guided through the process with a completely interactive app. With Bakebe taking care of everything – preparation, ingredients, equipment, and cleaning up – the A-Listers were able to enjoy the experience with zero distractions. By the end of the session, our A-Listers succeeded in creating high quality, intricately designed baked goods that look like they were made by a professional pastry chef.

Established in Hong Kong, Bakebe Malaysia is located at Publika, Kuala Lumpur. Opening its doors to welcome everyone regardless of their experiences, the co-baking studio is committed in delivering a hassle-free baking experience that is bound to satisfy.

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Alex Low

Brand & Partnership Writer
Lifestyle writer with a passion for everything pop culture. When not writing, Alex spends his free time playing video games, learning how to cook (it's been quite a journey, or so he says), and lurking on for the best physical media deals.

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