Kicking off the August Man A-List 2020 campaign, our fifth instalment of a series of lifestyle experiences with today’s passionate and enterprising professionals, we showcase 10 individuals in our latest line up of A-Listers, all of whom embody our tenets of style, substance and success.

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Without further a due, let’s meet the August Man Malaysia A-Listers of 2020:

Aimran Azizi


Aimran is an oil and gas executive who comes with a wealth of experience in business communication, having joined Petronas, in 2008 as an internal communication executive and worked his way up to his current position as head of change management. Today, Aimran leads his team in facilitating successful organisational change and oversees activities such as awareness and information cascading, team alignment programmes, managing change agents as well as the design and execution of various change-related communications, in support of the organisation’s objective of becoming a leading industrial park operator and developer.

Ariffin Azmi


Smart, business savvy and in charge of large figures as long as the number pi (π). This experienced auditor has a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in financial services, external audit, auditing, financial planning, and financial accounting, the type of math long left behind in secondary school accounting class, Ariffin has essentially the “411” on finances.

Clinton Jerome Chua


Taking pride in his hometown of Miri, Sarawak, Clinton who is now a KL-based singer, also started Kumang Natural – a health and beauty line from Borneo for all. On top of that he more recently ventured into a digital food business named Kolok-kolok. What’s the specialty on the menu? Kolo mee of course. He got involved in the music industry while he was studying, and was a recording artist with a music label in Sarawak, and then had a stint in Universal music too. He even once met and sang to Ariana Grande. Ever the busy bee, Clinton winds down by either singing covers or hitting the gym. His favourite workout machine being the cable tower, which explains his well-defined arms.

Henry Goh


Henry is the co-founder of Macrokiosk, and one of the pioneers for its digitalisation platform as a service since its inception at the turn of the millennium. Henry and his team grew the company from a three man team located out of Kuala Lumpur to the force it has now become, and is currently the group’s acting COO and is responsible for the efficiency and the organisation’s business operations, policies and procedures.

Jim Chuah


The 28-year-old animation and motion graphic designer is the founder of FNL PRJCT (pronounced Final Project) which you may have come across through various TEDx events: TEDx Shanghai, TEDx Salon: Power of the Mind with (now the late) Kobe Bryant as well as TEDx Petaling Street. Not to mention the big list of clients FNL PRJCT has done projects with, including companies like Grab and Astro. Jim’s creativity isn’t only limited to his designs however, but also informs his dressing, as evident during our photo shoot (also check out his shoes!). In his free time you can find Jim watching movies or other animations which helps inspire his own ideas, and he also runs or cooks to destress.

Joshua desmond


Joshua helms the creative agency, The 8gency operating in the heart of KL, with plenty of experience under his belt having worked in publishing, PR, production, advertising and having a strong foundation in digital and social media marketing. He transfers his skill to The 8gency which offers an array of services from digital and social media advertising and marketing, public relations consulting, events, branding consulting, video production, influencer marketing and more.

Kash Azim


A strapping trainer who has spent 15 years in personal training – initially with a fitness centre and, for the past five years, on his own – Kash brings with him a warm and laid-back energy and approaches life with an independent attitude. While he has built a career out of pushing the physical limits of fitness and cultivating healthy living through his personal venture Solid Strength, he was one of the many people who were affected by the impact of the 2020 pandemic crisis. Lost at first, he found the spirit to rise above the challenge and even discovered new opportunities and a new approach to life.

Kingsley ting


The level-headed Malaysian boy from Ipoh, who after having spent seven years abroad in Shanghai, has firmly planted his feet back home and has taken over the family business at the beginning of 2018. The Big Apple Preschool now boasts multiple branches in Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang, Sabah and Johor as a conducive environment to inspire and nurture the young minds of the future.

Shaun liew


With a background in hospitality, Shaun Liew cut his teeth into the F&B industry by way of learning parts of the business in a renowned hotel and hospitality school locally. His professional career saw him start off as a lecturer and then went on to becoming an award-winning barista. However, he possessed an entrepreneurial mindset, which led him to start up his own businesses. Shaun thus established the popular eateries Yellow Brick Road and Wizards at Tribeca, to name but a few of his ventures since. When he’s not busy with work, you will find Shaun cafe hopping, or roaming about with his Sony a6000 or iPhone capturing photos of sights that inspire or move him.

zaki muslim


A lot of boys grew up thinking about being a soldier, or working with things that go BOOM! Zaki however has gotten close to that dream, through his role of business development director for Saab Malaysia – the defense company, not to be confused for the automotive division. After majoring in communications, he entered the job market doing PR initially, but eventually found himself doing sales thanks to networking skills. How then did he enter the field of defense? One of his earlier jobs included the marketing of navigation, propulsion and electronic warfare equipment to be included on the navy’s Littoral Combat Ships, and he grew to like his new role. Since then he’s been involved in the development of aerospace interests including aircraft for the Royal Malaysian Airforce, simulators, radar systems and more.

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