The word “adventure” refers to an unusual, exciting or daring experience. The 2019 A-Listers Brian Ong, Nick Marriot, Reza Ramli and Syed Mohd Ilyas certainly experienced that to its fullest through their participation with Riverbug Perak. Starting out as a continuation of Riverbug Sabah, Riverbug Perak became the pioneer of whitewater rafting and outdoor activities through its establishment in Gopeng, Perak.

Augustman A-Lister
The Augustman A-List 2019 learning the correct abseiling technique.

Often regarded as “the White Water Rafting Specialists” in this corner of the world, Riverbug Perak has grown tremendously and has since become the leading name in its field. This year, Riverbug has been adamant and vocal in pushing its theme of the year, #HungryForAdventure, at the forefront of its establishment. Through its partnership with our A-Listers campaign, saying that Riverbug has succeeded in doing so would be a severe understatement.

Augustman A-Lister
The A-List 2019 getting ready for their waterfall abseiling experience.

Our A-Listers were put to the test as they were required to rely on their intuition and instinct as they rode through the 14 rapids and cooling waters of Kampar River and Lumut in Perak. On top of that, the A-Listers participated in the exciting adventure of waterfall abseiling down the daunting Ulu Geruntum Waterfall and even went to explore the Tempurung Cave. All of these activities were just a taste of what Riverbug Perak has to offer.

Augustman A-Lister
The A-List 2019 flexing their muscles before white water rafting.

In addition to hosting the entirety of the activities that were designed to test the A-Lister’s dexterity, endurance and strength, Riverbug also took the initiative to provide them with a brief stay at its private and secluded Ulu River Lodge. “Riverbug was great; they were really accommodating and had good hospitality,” said Reza. Through sheer will and determination, the A-Listers dominated each and every one of the activities that Riverbug had to offer.

Augustman A-Lister
The A-List 2019 sharing a moment before exploring Tempurung Cave.

All of the activities provided by Riverbug are guided tours, in which a professional is guide present to assist the participating A-Listers. This is to ensure that all of the logistics are kept in check, not to mention offer safety to the A-Listers. In addition to that, Riverbug is deemed by many as being one of the safest tour operators for whitewater rafting excursions in Perak. In each and every rafting activity conducted by Riverbug, a safety kayaker is always on standby to ensure that a professional is always present to mitigate any situation that might arise.

Photographs: Saufi Nadzri

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