The team behind the global escape room franchise Breakout proudly debuts its newest venture, Hauntu, bringing the first immersive horror experience of its kind to Malaysia. Located on the second floor of The LINC KL, Hauntu is now open for public access, giving Malaysians the chance to dive into the engaging horror experience that has never been offered before.

The A-List 2019 deciphering the clues in Hauntu

As part of the ongoing “adventure hunt” campaign, A-Listers Alex Hong, Azri Ibrahim, Charles Chua, Darren Chong, Neal Edwin and Syed Mohd Ilyas explore the blend of live theatre, role play and storytelling in Hauntu. Divided into two groups, our fellow A-Listers took on the roles of characters in the story, interacting with other characters, and making decisions that affect the outcome of the experience.

The A-List 2019 discovering how the Hauntu plot thickens

The idea of Hauntu came about after identifying the demand for new and unique experiences that is growing exponentially. “Traffic for Breakout experienced double- digit growth every month. We knew that Malaysians are not just ready, but are also craving for more different experiences,” Johnny Ong, co-founder of Breakout and Hauntu, explains.

It’s an A-List alumni: Azri Ibrahim, Leo Kawai, Charles Chua and Alex Hong (from left to right)

Covering an area of 7,000 square feet, Hauntu welcomes guests to check-in to Colle Eastern Hotel, a hotel constructed in the architectural style of British colonial buildings from Old Malaya. Featuring 1950s style fixtures and furniture, participants will not only get to take on roles within the storylines in the infamous hotel, but also get to experience Malaysia in different eras – from its pre-independence period right up to the present day.

The A-List 2019 survived Hauntu to tell its tale

Much more than a haunted house, Hauntu highlights three interconnected storylines that revolve around the Colle Eastern Hotel, which is filled with the mysterious and the paranormal. Over the span of three months, one storyline will be revealed to the public each month. As the three storylines are interconnected, guests will still be able to have the complete experience, regardless of which storyline they begin their Hauntu experience with.

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