n celebration of its 77th anniversary, the Breitling DC-3 aircraft has since March set out to make history by becoming the oldest plane to fly around the world, visiting 28 countries and 55 cities over the span of six months. Malaysia became its 12th stop, after crossing from the Balkans to Thailand.

During its stopover at the Subang Sky Park, August Man Malaysia, along with the A-Listers of 2017, namely Dr. Alan Tan, Edward Teoh, Kyren Thomas, Affendy Ali, Hazwan Yazit, Jeremy Hoo, Peter Chin, Peter Khue, Captain Imran Tom and Dr. Renard Siew, jumped at the opportunity to join in the adventure, to be a part of the epic journey and experience flying in the 1930s.

At the boarding lounge, the A-Listers were each presented with a Breitling timepiece to accompany them on their excursion up in the air. While we could only dream of a turn at first-hand piloting, save Captain Imran, the only pilot and flight instructor among us, Breitling offered a true-to-life experience of flying a Breitling Jet in the form of state-of-the-art digital simulation via a virtual reality headset.

Prior to boarding, Captain Francisco Agullo – a bush-turned-commercial Swiss pilot and now a captain on private jets and flight instructor on the DC-3 and Super Constellation with over 12,500 hours of flight experience in 45 different types of aircrafts who co-founded the Super Constellation Flyers Association, which operates some of the world’s last two working Lockheed Super Constellations – delivered a presentation on the DC-3’s history and the world tour.

Introduced in 1935, the twin-engine propeller plane, Douglas DC-3, was popularly used by most major airlines in the 1940s with over 16,000 built. Today, less than a 150 are in flightworthy condition, including the Breitling DC-3. Delivered to American Airlines in 1940 and first used by the American military in 1942, the plane flew on behalf of various commercial airlines throughout its history before adopting the Breitling banner and participating in air shows.

Aboard the Breitling DC-3, which seats only 20, the A-Listers enjoyed a 30-minute flight which flew from a low cruising altitude of 609.6 metres over KL’s city skyline and the world’s renowned Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world reaching 451.9 metres. Watch the video and browse the pictures below, and find out about the experience. 

To commemorate the world tour, 500 pieces of the Navitimer 01 (46mm) chronograph in steel, distinguished by the “Breitling DC-3 World Tour” logo on the caseback, have been created and placed on board the aircraft. The limited edition watch is scheduled to make its appearance at the end of the tour some time in fall, delivered with a certificate signed by the captain. Until then, view the image in the gallery below.

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