Go one step further to be extra personable.

Stay committed to your art.

Embrace change and dare to experiment.

Live with a passion for pleasure.

This is the way of Auchentoshan, the triple-distilled single malt whisky from the Scottish Lowlands – forged in tradition, enriched by the zeitgeist of modern times, with a delicate flavour unlike any other: smooth, yet gutsy; approachable, yet deep, as expressed by our A-Listers Peter Chin, Dr. Renard Siew, Peter Khue and Edward Teoh.

In addition, here are 10 Essential Facts About Auchentoshan:

Raised in the city of Glasgow, Auchentoshan is one of only three remaining malt distilleries in the Lowland whisky region of Scotland. The distillery rests at the foot of the Old Kilpatrick hills overlooking the river Clyde, which runs through the heart of Glasgow in the West of Scotland. Below are 10 facts about Auchentoshan that every whisky drinker should know.

Do you know what makes every drop of Auchentoshan exceptionally smooth?

Triple distillation! Although this process is more time consuming and expensive, it is also absolutely unique in distilling away impurities to release the gentle, complex flavour of Auchentoshan.

Did you know that Auchentoshan is the only triple distilled single malt Scotch whisky?

Since its founding in 1823, Auchentoshan whisky has been distilled different for almost two centuries. No other Scottish distillery insists on triple distillation for every drop.

Do you know why Auchentoshan favours the unique triple distillation method?

It’s because triple distillation ensures that only the purest spirit is used at each point of distillation, from the wash still, to the intermediate still, all the way to the spirit still. This labour of love takes Auchentoshan to its signature strength of 81% ABV.

Did you know that the Auchentoshan new make spirit is the highest distillate of any single malt distillery in Scotland?

Because Auchentoshan distils away all the impurities in the liquid, the high alcohol content allows the strong notes of fruit and citrus come through, and makes the spirit more prone to the epic woodiness that comes from the casks in maturation. This makes Auchentoshan the smoothest, most delicate tasting single malt Scotch whisky!

Did you know that Auchentoshan still uses wooden washbacks?

The washback is where all the alcohol that finds its way into a distillery’s whisky is produced. Many distilleries prefer the consistency that comes with stainless steel washbacks but Auchentoshan still uses Oregon pine – so the results are always a little different each time. This also means that our mash men need to keep an especially keen eye on everything in the washbacks!

Do you know where Auchentoshan Three Wood gets its name?

The unique Auchentoshan Three Wood single malt whisky is matured in three different cask types. The whisky moves from American Bourbon casks to Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks to (finally!) Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks. Three Wood is a rich, complex whisky with incredible toffee and sherry oak flavours.

Do you know how the Auchentoshan 18 Years Old and the Auchentoshan 21 Years Old differ?

Auchentoshan 18 Years Old is matured in American Bourbon oak for over 18 years. On the other hand, Auchentoshan 21 Years Old is aged in both American Bourbon and Spanish Sherry casks for over 21 years. Furthermore, Auchentoshan 18 Years Old exudes a hue of deep golden summer barley, while Auchentoshan 21 Years Old emits a tone of bright copper.

Do you know which Auchentoshan expression may remind you of crème brûlée?

It’s the Auchentoshan 12 Years Old. Besides crème brûlée, other aromas include a burst of citrus and the signature nuttiness and green leafiness of Auchentoshan.

Do you know which Auchentoshan expression is not matured in either Bourbon or Sherry casks?

Auchentoshan Virgin Oak is the first spirit to be matured in wood that is untouched by Bourbon or Sherry. This limited release is a result of Auchentoshan placing small batches of its unique triple-distilled, non-chill-filtered spirit in virgin North American oak.

Did you know that Auchentoshan Three Wood is the bestselling expression in Malaysia?

Auchentoshan Three Wood boasts flavours that are as intriguing as its name, so it’s not much of a surprise that the expression is well received by many inquisitive Malaysians. Its alluring golden bronze colour, coupled with a wide aromatic profile, ranging from blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisin on the nose to a fruity and syrupy note on the tongue with a butterscotch sweetness, lends much sophistication and depth—both refined qualities possessed by August Man’s A-Listers! It’s only apt that Auchentoshan Three Wood is the choice Scotch for the A-Listers.

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