Chong has an entire area in her home dedicated to her craft

Chong operates from her quiet home in Kota Kemuning, channelling her inner zen every time she sits down to sculpt a new ceramic creation. Her living space seems to mirror this zen-like spirit, each mug in its place among the set of squared shelves lined along the wall. No surprise, really, seeing how she used to work as an interior designer some time back.

Pick up any of her pieces and you’ll be mesmerised by the tiny details that are unique to each – the indigo swirls, the glazed finishes, the tiny imperfections in the clay. 

This soft-spoken lady had always harboured a keenness towards art and design, and that fire has continued burning despite her closing the interior designing chapter in her life. She’s retired now, and like many fresh retirees, Chong wanted to do something rather than sit idly all day. That’s when she began tapping into an old hobby of hers – pottery. 

“I was first introduced to pottery by my brother during my college days. Pottery classes then were also quite expensive and I didn’t have the money for lessons. So I didn’t pursue it and I missed the opportunity to learn pottery at a young age.”

Due to the nature of Chong’s craft, no two products are the same

Today, after her successful stint in design, Jasmine is taking control of her free time by crafting her creations into reality, one piece at a time. 

She enjoys the entire process of pottering, from the moulding and sculpting to the baking and glazing. To her, pottering is her way of connecting to her passion and escapism from her worldly worries. Her love for creating left her with many of her pieces piling up in one corner of the house. Then a friend of hers suggested that she begin selling these aesthetic porcelains. 

And that’s how Silo Ceramic Art came to be. Unlike other potters, Jasmine brings forth her unique style in her craft – half-glazed porcelain cups. 

Using a card to help even out the shape while moulding

As an avid lover of mother nature, Jasmine often seeks inspiration from the tranquil surroundings around her. One would think that harbouring this much interest in her art would mean moulding new pieces every day. But in reality, Jasmine is very particular and only creates on her good days.

This love for pottery and working in her best capacity has made her appreciate the process even more, and she shies away from mass production or over-committing. “I started pottery as a hobby and I’d like to keep it that way because I want to keep this practice enjoyable rather than taxing. Usually, if the throwing of the clay isn’t successful on that day, I will not proceed to continue.”

Jasmine’s decision to create her crafts in small batches is also what gives Silo Ceramic Art a touch of exclusivity. No designs of hers are identical. Though created in the same colour or form, every single design differs from each other. Just like nature’s creation.

written by.

Alison Loh

Alison is a journalism graduate that has dipped her hands in public relations and content marketing before. She considers herself a decent writer, a better driver than most, and a fearless ambivert. Outside office hours, you may find her "trying" to be healthy and maintaining her social life; or at home, folding intricate origami designs instead of her laundry.
Analogue Crafts 2/6: Jasmine Chong’s Ceramic Art

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