Local comedian Douglas Lim has been parodying the current ongoings in Malaysia to much laughs and appreciation.

If you haven’t already come across some of his content, check out the video below, which is one of his latest.

We had a quick chat with Douglas Lim to find out how he’s been producing these videos at home, and on what fans can expect from the comedian in the near future.

Walk us through your production process

Ok, so my setup is basically a cloth green screen which my wife bought for me, she got it online for about RM 65 or so – I probably should get a bigger one to get more depth. That stands on two poles behind me, and I shoot using a Canon EOS camera, but I have a separate sound source from an Audio-Technica USB condenser microphone. Then I use iMovies for my first cut, then I do my online edits, and then what you see is what you get!

How long does it roughly take you to produce one video

Well it really depends. If you notice, the videos I do usually contain one main point, which is the most current. However I can’t talk about that the whole time, so I throw in things which have happened that week, the week before, even last year.

Some of it are thoughts I’ve had from before, which I didn’t perform and instead just noted them down on my phone, so some work started years ago even.

But once I’ve gotten the script down, which once I start writing proper takes me about half an hour to 45 minutes, then I’ve to practise and shoot which takes about an hour and half to two hours. If it ever goes beyond two hours I’d take a break, because I’m just too tired.

Then comes the difficult part, the edit, which takes between four to eight hours, at the moment at least. It’s a lot to do and I’m not a video editor per se, so I’m learning slowly. I’m also quite particular about sound, which I like to make as rich as possible, there’s the voices to be done as well, plus the subtitles. Technically these aren’t the really necessary things, you can watch the video without these things, but it definitely enriches the content and i get to squeeze in extra jokes within the subtitles as well.

Have you gotten into any trouble for your content?

Yes, there was a complaint made against me by a party, and I received a call from the authorities. At first I thought it was a scam, the person called and said he was the police, and that there was some issue with my car, and then asked me come down over to the police station. I replied saying I’m busy now, can I call you back next week to set a date, to which he responded “yea sure this is my number, thank you.”

I thought what a lame scam artist, then it hit me later that maybe it’s not a scam, so I quickly called the guy back to enquire what it’s all about. He was basically doing his job, someone filled a complaint and he had to investigate my content. Thankfully he was very professional and nice, and he was grateful for my subtitles too, because he needed to transcribe the entire video!

In the end there were no charges, I was just interviewed which took quite awhile, but it was just to prove that there was no malicious intent to cause harm. It’s all just for comedy, lawak bodoh.

If you were to campaign as a politician, what would one of your campaign promises be?

Ok, let me put it out there first, the chance of me getting into politics is virtually zero, but if I did, I guess I’d tell the people that I’ll at least pretend to care. I’ll put in that much effort to at least put on a show.

What other projects are you working on currently?
laugh with smecta
Image courtesy of Smecta Malaysia

Well in the very near future, there’s the Take A Stand With Smecta, which is going to happen on the 8th of July, at 8PM which you can catch via the brand’s Facebook page. You will not only get me (Douglas Lim), but also Kavin Jay, Papizak and Joanne Kam too!

Funnily enough, or rather coincidentally, Smecta is a medicine for diarrhoea, and this show was planned like two months ago, it just so happened that all the shit came together.

There’s also something big which is going to happen in August, which I can’t reveal yet, but you’ll definitely hear about it then. Hopefully it all goes well, because in this day and age, you really never know.

written by.
Aaron Pereira
Digital Editor
This fine chocolate man, (that is a connoisseur of fine chocolates) prefers real-life conversations and living off-screen, but is slowly and surely embracing the digital, search engine optimised life.

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