HAS it been a social prerequisite to be active on Instagram? Probably — posting a photo is like telling the world, “Hey, remember me?”

Don’t forget that profile stalking with new friends and potential colleagues are also a thing; it’s all about giving the best first impressions.

Maybe you’re not really concerned about the likes, but a picture says a thousand words — learning a thing or two about creating nice images will say a lot better ones.

You’re going to be that guy with the artistic flair. They’ll ask if you’re a professional photographer and you say you’re not, but they think you may very well be. It’s the perfect blend of casually trying, but not trying too hard.

There are many sources of inspiration already on the net when it comes to aesthetic Instagram feeds. For those of you who’d like a push in the right direction, here are five awesome examples to learn from.


01: @ColeSprouse (Cole Sprouse )


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Yes, really, the one and only. He is no longer your Suite Life from Zack and Cody star, but a Hollywood A-list all grown-up, excelling at both acting and professional photography.

When asked what he would choose if he had to pick one pursuit, Sprouse says his interest behind and in front of the camera are artistically intertwined — we think it shows.

COLE’S AESTHETIC: His feed varies from posting intimate photos of his love interest/Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart to featuring commerical work with brands like J Brand Jeans and Primark. Photography wise, Sprouse plays a lot with natural sunlight and warm tones in his shoots.


02: @brandonwoelfel (Brandon woelfel)


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Like the A-lister of Instagram photography, the Internet is full of tutorials on how to edit like Brandon Woelfel. The New York-based photographer’s strong social media presence has led him to partnerships with household names like Apple, Urban Outfitters and even Buzzfeed.

BRANDON’S AESTHETIC: Any photog-obsessed chap who knows Brandon knows his favourite blue-pink aesthetic, with a penchant for fairy lights, prisms and cool-toned bokeh shots. The result? A textbook example of the most aesthetic Instagram feeds.


03: @danielinskeep (Daniel inskeep)


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A post shared by Daniel Inskeep (@danielinskeep) on

Being one half of the dynamic duo Mango Street, LA-based photographer Daniel Inskeep makes short, easy to learn tutorials on how to improve your photos. If you need a guy to learn tricks of the trade from, Inskeep’s your man (especially portraiture).

DANIEL’S AESTHETIC: Daniel works with muted tones in his landscape shots, and isn’t one to shy away from shooting at unorthodox locations (Read: Mango Street’s feature in the Ugly Location Challenge by another stellar photographer, Jessica Kobeissi ). When it comes to portraiture, expect his models rocking fresh, unique poses and angles on his feed.


04: @yk (Yik keat)


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A post shared by Yik Keat (@yk) on

Even in tiny little Singapore, you can find successful, homegrown talents making it big in the photography scene.

In a story collab with Frank by OCBC, he tells all on the secrets to his success, starting from shoots with an iPhone 4 to being the official photographer for Ultra Singapore at age 23.

YIK KEAT’S AESTHETIC: Yik Keat started out with minimalistic styles, which encompasses clean blackgrounds while playing with negative space. Now, he’s progressed to street/night photography with a dark, moodier aesthetic.

His advice for staying ahead of Instagram trends: Never be afraid to experiment with styles — make it a slow but fluid transition to a new one that you can be satisfied with.


05: @harimaolee (harimao lee)


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A post shared by Harimao Lee (@harimaolee) on

Hong Kong-based photographer and influencer Harimao Lee is the perfect jack of all trades, dabbling from travel and street photography to aerial and architectural. One of our favourites on her feed includes the shot at the Shah Mosque in Iran; her travel escapades invigorate in viewers a supreme sense of wanderlust.

HARIMAO’S AESTHETIC: To achieve a feed that looks like a piece of a utopian video game, Lee makes stunning visuals by working with a diversity of landscape shots, taken in aerial formats and more importantly, punching in vibrant colours in a macro setting (especially working those bottom-up angles).



written by.

Elvin Ng

Elvin is a writer dabbling in the fashion, travel and culture beats. When he isn’t blogging about his latest adventures, he’s most definitely hunting down the latest and biggest sales in online shopping.

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