2018 is the year for those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog. We let the dogs out to get to know them based on their Chinese Five Elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, and how by knowing each of their characteristic, will help them sail the best course for the rest of the year.

(Year of Birth: 1910, 1970)
comely, affable, persistent, prudent

Chinese couplet: Heroes may have the strength to fight off the tigers and leopards, but the bravest of them all, does not fear the strongest of beasts


Whilst a Metal Dog person may be conservative in life, it is not to say they are awkward and unsociable at parties; in fact, they could be the life of the party, what with their eloquent social skills, and general good looks that draw the attention of the opposite sex rather effortlessly. It’s a one-track mind for the ones born under this zodiac combination when it comes to pursuing their goals, for they remain steadfast with their aim until it’s achieved. They are natural doers at work, and would prefer to straighten everything out without assistance; not that they need any, as they are known to be skilful and hardworking people, with a penchant in handling their wealth (such as putting in sound investment), which comes smooth and steady always for the metal mutts.

Clockwise: H&M; The Singleton; Ulysse Nardin ‘Year of the Dog’ Classico collection; Gucci; Burberry; Mr Bags for Longchamp Le Pliage


(Year of Birth: 1922, 1982)
visionary, romantic, benevolent, sentimental

Chinese couplet: Although there is room for improvement in the face of losses, only a great man will know which battles to fight, and which to yield to


This canine is always one step ahead, and is often already in the future while everyone is still struggling through the present. The future is bright for the Water Dogs because, well, they make sure that it is, with their incessant and meticulous planning for the days to come. This is not to say they have their heads in the cloud; while they may have their steady wealth funnelling to all the right places for the days to come, they are more than contented with a comfortable retirement, rather than a wealthy one. However, a Water Dog’s personality may come off as self-centred, sometimes even emotional, when their partner fails to fall into step with their plans. Communication is crucial if it involves having a loved one in the future.

Clockwise: Johnnie Walker Blue Label ‘Year of the Dog’ Chinese New Year Edition; Versace ‘The Audrey Collection’; Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art ‘The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac; Montblanc Muses Marilyn Monroe Special Edition; Giorgio Armani


(Year of Birth: 1934, 1994)
devoted, grateful, humble, patient

Chinese couplet: When the water runs dry, gaze but patiently at the clouds, for rain will drive the currents again


If you have ever lent a helping hand to a person of the Wood Dog sign, he will forever be indebted to you, and will find ways to repay you for your support, no matter how long it takes – thanks to the Wood Dog’s renowned patience and persistence. Those born under this zodiac sign are known to be devoted to their careers: not only do they give their 100% at work, they will also give in that extra 10% to overcome obstacles that are thrown their way – in short, perfect colleagues and employees to have in the team! Their hard work goes hand in hand with their favourable luck in making money, and as extravagance is not a must in their lives, they are more than happy to continue living a simple life devoid of material wants.

Clockwise: Godiva Chinese New Year Assorted Chocolate Carré Gift Box; Giorgio Armani, Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi ‘Year of the Dog’; Bottega Veneta, Dunhill


(Year of Birth: 1946, 2006)
artistic, realistic, illustrious, straightforward

Chinese couplet: Only the diligent will discover the whole truth, and the intelligent will resolve the hardest dispute


The fiery Fido may be reckless with their finances if they are not careful, while chasing after fame and fortune when they are young, but as luck is on their side (female Fire Dogs are known to have a “good luck face” that will bring their husband fortune), wealth flows back as quickly as it rushes out, so a carefree life is always in their cards. This is not to say they are lazy hounds with silver spoons in their mouths; they are, to their own credit, intelligent and hard workers with an artistic flair to pursue their goals, albeit their wide interests that may lead them astray. However, if it’s full steam ahead for them, they have the opportunity to finally earn the status and wealth they have been craving for when they were younger.

Clockwise: Versace ‘The Audrey Collection’; Under Armour HOVR collection; Swatch WOOF ‘Year of the Dog’ 2018; Gucci


(Year of Birth: 1958, 2018)
disciplined, responsible, hardworking, meticulous

Chinese couplet: A precious sword with a hidden radiance is akin to an undiscovered talent, whereas hearsay will not deter the pure and noble akin to the jade


2018 is the year for the Earth doggos! Whilst they have to rely on their own efforts to succeed in life, their disciplined and determined attitudes will not go unnoticed, as the stars will align in their favour (often when they are older, but most particularly this year), to see their hard work come into fruition. Besides reaping the sows of their wealth, the many obstacles they have gone through would have moulded them to grow in maturity and confidence with themselves as well. Despite their usually distant personality, they are encouraged to straighten their tie a little, and give their shoes an extra shine, and put themselves out there to enjoy the light at the end of the tunnel. The sun will come out tomorrow, and tomorrow starts today for these down-to-earth bunch.

Clockwise: TWG Tea Emperor Pu-erh Tea; COS; Fossil; Bottega Veneta; H&M


Photography by Xerxes Lee / Awesome Image
Art Direction by Nigel Lee
Videograhy by Andrew Loh
Words by Celeste Goh
Couplet Translation by Puisee Low

Special thanks to Ethan Chu and Poo Poo, Foong Kah Wai and Chapati, Isadora Chai and Hades, Silas Liew and Plopchops, Chris Tan of Streething and Lucas

written by.
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