August Man and Volkswagen Malaysia zoom in on A-Lister Cheah Ka Wai,
accompanied here by the iconic Beetle, and ask about his enterprising journey thus far.

Photographed by Kahmun/Myth Studio; styled by Melvin Chan; grooming by Eranthe Loo; words by KC Yap

In photographing Ka Wai with the latest edition of Volkswagen’s historic Beetle, we have arrived at this picture-perfect matchup that especially brings out the buoyant, chic and exuberant spirit in both person and car. Spearheading the marketing and digital content of his business, Ka Wai co-founded two years ago the real escape game Breakout, becoming a breakout star amongst the latest league of Malaysia’s startup force. The first to introduce real-time role-playing, Breakout allows each player to assume an available role and partner one another to tackle classic murder mystery-based plots in fully dressed sets. Previously managing the technical support for Astro on the Go and Astro B.yond, the Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate is also now busy with taking the business to a regional level. Here, Ka Wai talks about his entrepreneurial undertaking as a great learning experience.

Jacket, shirt and jeans by SPAO @ Parkson

What’s it like to be your own boss at this young age?

The most interesting thing I’ve noticed is that there are in fact many things that I do not know, things that I didn’t learn under employment. I’ve been handling the marketing and social media aspects of the business. I find learning how to keep up with social media challenging. There are a lot of things out there waiting for us to explore.

Life is a journey. Do you feel that you’ve reached your destination?

I’ve never thought of where my destination would be and I will never want to. You experience the best things in life along the journey. For our business though, our first milestone was to get it established. Next is to take it overseas. I have considered going back to being employed, just to balance my growth with what I’ve been missing at the opposite side of things. I might even discover another path.

What has been the most important discovery in your careerthus far?

Communication and being part of a team. I would consider communication a form of art. There are so many people out there, each with his own personality. When you really need to work in a group, trying to please everyone and create a working environment conducive to productivity is the greatest challenge.

What would be the perfect escape for you?

I need a balance of the urban and the country side. Places like Japan would be quite ideal for me. I like to travel alone and get to know some locals, talk to them and try to understand their culture and way of living. As a matter of fact, I keep a journal on my travels.

Jacket, shirt and jeans by SPAO @ Parkson

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