Appreciating The Journey

For our final Volkswagen special on August Man Malaysia’s 2016 A-Listers, we speak to telecommunication and mobile technology entrepreneur David Ng. Guest appearance by the Golf GTI.

Photographed by Kahmun/Myth Studio; styled by Melvin Chan; grooming by Eranthe Loo; words by KC Yap

From as early as his time in university, undertaking his Master’s in Internet Communications, David Ng has noted the great potential in mobile technology. It was then that his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and landed him his first business foray into the industry. Today, the enterprising self-starter, together with his team and partners, is mostly busy with putting together the crowd-sourced mobile application Chefsaround (more information at, an opportunity that he believes will allow aspiring chefs and homemakers to monetise their interest, and daily routine, in cooking, and users to savour hidden gastronomic gems around them, wherever they are. He calls it, “the Airbnb and Uber of food,” if you will. Over the years, David has come to appreciate the diverse experiences in life and view it from different perspectives.

Jacket, shirt and jeans by SPAO @ Parkson

What are the important things in life that you’ve discovered thus far?
Life isn’t like anything that you learn in textbooks. I tend to spend a lot more time in cultivating good relationships and building rapport these days, finding out what you can do for people. Life also doesn’t always work out exactly the way you want it to. But technology, social media and the Internet have made it easier to acquire information, launch a business and connect people. Having said that, we can sometimes be so influenced by what comes out of the Silicon Valley and what Jack Ma says, when really it’s about the execution. If you feel like you can do it, then stand up and put your hands to work.

Do you think that youngsters are growing up too fast nowadays?
Yes, because of social media. Everybody wants to be like the person they admire online. It’s so transparent. I used to be like any other young adult; I wanted things fast; the process didn’t matter to me as much as the result. But as I grow older, I’ve come to appreciate stability. We want to create things that are solid, built on strong foundations.

And how are doing things differently these days?
When you’re younger, you tend to think of yourself, but when you’re older you think of the team, the people who work with you, making it possible for you to build your success and make your dreams come through. You really need to go through certain processes in life to understand that it’s not you who make things happen; it’s you and the team.

Jacket, shirt and jeans by SPAO @ Parkson

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