TODAY’S brief: JK. Rowling is making waves in the meme-dustry with her absurd Harry Potter fact drops, GoT’s Daenerys carrying the whole of season 8 and last but not least, the Tough Guy Entrance is making it to our memes of the month.

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jk. rowling’s spews


We thought the Hogwarts saga ended happily ever after with The Deathly Hallows finale eight years back (has it been that long?)

We calmed our hearts, but guess who’s dropping random bombs about the Harry Potter franchise now?

According to Complex, author JK. Rowling revealed that Albus Dumbledore had an “incredibly intense” “love” relationship with Grindelwald. Of course, none of it was evident in the films, and fans are pissed about the misrepresentation.

The result: A violent meme outbreak about Rowling’s continuous release of “extra” details. (NSFW warning)

why the tracksuit guy a.k.a tough guy entrance is everywhere

In the early days of April 2019, the video of a Jawad Bendaoud surfaced on the Twittersphere.

He was convicted for involvement in the 2015 Paris bombings but instead, the footage of him entering the Paris courtroom blew up (not literally) — one that began with the biggest taunt ever: “Caption this.”

A jest to the vertically challenged

A hate crime against the arachnophobic

“It’s daenerys, not day-neh-rise”

Augustman's memes of the month — which is your favourite?
Image credit: Game of Thrones

We’re onto Game of Thrones too, but because we’re civilised, we shan’t drop any bits about Season 8. But if this screencap of The Mother of Dragons herself counts as a spoiler, then we’re complicit.

Simply put: Daenerys’ chat with Sansa epitomises every passive aggressive encounter we had and will have.

Said every auntie, ever

Adult problems? Nah

Different films, but same energy

honourable mention: bogus bucks

You have over-the-top BTS stans, and then you have fans of Taylor Swift, spreading fake news about free Starbucks.

The real irony — telling the company to mind their business when it’s literally, all about their business.

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Augustman’s memes of the month — which is your favourite?
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