No one’s really certain about how April Fools’ Day came about, but we’re certain that it’s absolutely hilarious. In recent times brands have been more proactive at using this light-hearted day for viral marketing, spreading funny hoaxes or introducing ludicrous products and services. These are a few of our favourites from this year. 

1) Mark Zuckerberg x H&M

H&M did it pretty brilliantly with this prank website featuring a collaboration with Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, who has been known to be perpetually clad in a grey crew-neck tee and a pair of basic jeans. The “collection pack” includes 7 grey tees and a pair of jeans. Pretty funny stuff. Check it out here.

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2) Jetstar Asia adopts Singlish

Jetstar Asia added a local twist to its prank, introducing the use of “Singlish” on its website as well as flights departing to Singapore in a bid to provide customers with “an even friendlier level of service”. Isn’t it pretty great to see a company not take themselves too seriously? 

3) Virgin Australia introduces ‘Kids Class’ cabin

Just to be clear, I think Virgin Australia’s prank is as hilarious as it is ingenious. It posted a video on Facebook introducing a ‘Kids Class’ cabin which is essentially an adult-free zone. It encourages running and/or hopscotching down the aisles and even has seats with backs built to be kicked. The best part about this idea? The notion that there will be less kids in the other cabins, of course. Alas, it is but a hoax.

4) Lexus V-LCRO technology

Also jumping on the hoax bandwagon is Japanese carmaker Lexus. According to a promotional video (main video), it was a “pursuit of the strongest possible connection between man and machine” that led to a partnership with Velcro to come up with the V-LCRO Performance Driving Seat. Basically, the drivers are held in place with the help of Velcro fasteners on their suit and the driving seat. 

5) Google Express Parachutes

It’s no surprise that the tech giants took part in the festivities as well. Google’s same-day delivery service released a video introducing a new mode of delivery: parachutes. The amusing short clip explains the design process and features the brains behind the project, called C.H.U.T.E.R.S. (Controlled Hover Utilization Team of Engineers, Researchers and Scientists).

6) New words in

Yes, it turns out the people who write dictionaries have a sense of humour too. According to its blog, the online dictionary is adding new words to its collection from the worlds of politics, popular culture, and social media. Highlighted below are a few I find particularly cheeky.

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parrotocracy (noun) a hypothetical society governed by people selected according to their ability to repeat slogans and soundbites mechanically, or to repeat or steal the policies and ideas of others: “Heaven help us if we end up with a parrotocracy.”

[from parrot and -cracy]

reply-gall (noun) the perceived impudence of an individual who sends an email response to everyone addressed in the original message: “His reply-gall became infamous after he sent an 1800-word response to a company-wide announcement.”

[from reply  + gall after reply-all]

Leo (verb) to achieve something after years of trying: “I feel like I’ve Leoed this morning; I finally passed my driving test.”

[from the name of Leonardo DiCaprio, alluding to his win in the 2016 Academy Award for Best Actor after six unsuccessful nominations.]

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Best April Fools’ Pranks 2016
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