YOU’VE had your daily dose of shower thoughts, so you must know of the tremendous potential that exists in our brains.

It’s a whole new experience with rain showers, because we get such mind-blowing revelations about literally anything when we clean ourselves — rumour has it that scientists are still investigating this phenomenon. Perhaps the act of lathering ourselves with soap and conditioner has a therapeutic effect that works wonders with the mind. Or maybe it’s because bath time is the only time the human brain is undisturbed by technology.

Some of these pretty much deserve the Nobel Prize of the Internet, if such a thing ever existed. Here, we count down the top 10 shower thoughts that’ll make you wonder why you’ve never thought of them before (spoiler alert: number one is a massive shocker).

If you’re keen to experience your own powers in action, grab your bar soaps and shower mitts — it’s time to let your mind enter a state of spiritual transcendence.

These crazy shower thoughts will blow your mind
Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash


Nirvana unlocked.


Time to use reusable straws, or incur Mother Earth’s wrath. #ClimateChangeIsNotAHoax


The same reason why the saying goes “be there or be square”, because when you don’t show up, you’re not around.


When humans finally relocate to Mars, so much time would have passed that even vocabularies would cease to be practical. In the year 2200 (assuming we live on planet Mars then), archaeologists will have to un-mars their findings — wild.


No sweat for the readers, they have an even more serious skincare routine.


Although “hairs” is the plural of “hair,” a person that “has gray hairs” has fewer gray hairs than a person that “has gray hair” from r/Showerthoughts

Linguists must be shaking in their seats, wondering why they haven’t considered this before.


Some people shout ‘Fire!’ to save lives, some people shout it to end them. from r/Showerthoughts

In a more relatable context, saying “You’re fired!” can end lives too — in the figurative sense.


Every fish that you catch and release goes home with an alien abduction story from r/Showerthoughts

This sounds vaguely like a vegan’s personal testimony.


Because you won’t have to go to bed thinking about waking up to your alarm — sweet dreams indeed.


If learning a new language is akin to getting an expansion pack in the gaming world, then mankind has already figured it out — we are living in a simulation after all (cue Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody).

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Elvin Ng
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