While many industries took a severe beating throughout the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, some individuals only walked away with a light spanking, and probably liked it. We find out from a couple of sugar babies and two sugar daddies, about how their lives and relationships were affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO).

We reached out to Sugarbook (which has been around since 2017 and claims to be the “#1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site – a site to meet Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies. Build relationships, discuss allowances and get paid instantly) and they provided us with access into their lifestyle via meetings with a couple of sugar babies, as well as a sugar daddy.

Here’s what they had to say about how they managed a work around during the pandemic.

gimme some sugar, I am your baby
Sugar baby
Georgina, 24, has two sugar daddies.

Fitness instructor Georgina, 24, has two sugar daddies – a 38-year-old Malaysian and a 42-year-old Singaporean. She’s been a sugar baby for more than a year, having signed up with sugar book when she was 22 years old.

She prefers dating older men, “I find it hot. I like older men, but I just don’t really have a good experience with younger guys. I find older men more mature, they’re more assertive, know what they want, and they’re more experienced in life, in bed, everything,” she reveals.

“And now is perhaps an even more crucial time to have a sugar daddy, as most people are suffering financially. It’s just like any other relationship, but with the benefits of being financially prosperous,” she adds. “If it weren’t for being a sugar baby, I’d be even more badly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic as a fitness instructor. I mean, I’ve lost all my clients and work with gyms being shut down (back then.)

Prior to the MCO, she would meet the local guy two to four times a week, and she receives a monthly fixed allowance from him, which remained the same throughout. Whereas with the Singaporean, with whom she has a pay-per-meet arrangement, she sees him whenever he has a business trip to KL about once or twice a month. He normally pays between SGD500 – SGD800 depending on his mood.

Obviously as travel to and fro Singapore was banned, the pair couldn’t meet. Therefore they switched to ‘pay-per-view,’ and resorted to just talking and flirting digitally. After which he would pay her SGD250.

“I’ve definitely been receiving less gifts, as we don’t meet as often and can’t go to shopping malls, but that’s more of a bonus for me anyway. I prefer just having cash to save and being able to afford food.

“Being a sugar baby is not a forever thing. My long-term goal is to save enough money and start my own gym one day,” she adds. “I’m also glad that both my sugar daddies are businessmen themselves, so I can also turn to them for advice later on.”

sugar baby
Hana, 21, has one sugar daddy.

“Apart from not being able to meet as often, I don’t think much as changed,” shares Hana, 21, who has a 52-year-old local sugar daddy. During the MCO, the pair only managed to meet once every two weeks, instead of their usual once a week get-together.

Being a married man, it was difficult for her sugar daddy to give an excuse to go see her, as there was no travelling or going to the office at the time.

“Normally he would stay over my studio, and say that he has to work or go outstation, but since he couldn’t, he would just come by my place and we’d spend only a few hours together,” she said.

“He still always brings along gifts or simple surprises like flowers or jewellery, and extra money at times. He’s also genuinely worried about me, as I can’t go to work due to the pandemic.”

She signed up with Sugarbook while she was a student, when she was 19 years old. She previously had a Middle-Eastern sugar daddy who used to pay her a RM2,700 monthly allowance while she was studying. Her current sugar daddy however provides her with a RM3,500 monthly allowance, on top of paying for some of her expenses.

“I’m pretty lucky as I’ve gotten a nice, good-looking sugar daddy, and I’m extremely thankful and happy for all the gifts and money; I don’t see myself stopping any time in the near future.

“But you really have to be wary and careful, because a lot of guys out there will try to scam you – they would lie or just give you false promises, and not play by the rules. It really isn’t for everyone, but I love being a sugar baby.”

Deviant daddy

Gary, 40, is going through a different sort of digital revolution, and recently discovered the wonders of Snapchat. His 24-year-old sugar baby, who’s trying to be a social media influencer, introduced him to it. “I didn’t get the point of it at first, but it’s works well to send compromising pictures over to each other,” he laughs.

“Well everything has changed due to the pandemic. Before we were very free to do whatever we want, we could meet any time and probably didn’t appreciate the freedom. At first we thought we could sneak out and meet, then you realise that everywhere is closed, and you might even get arrested or fined. Now we set a time to Facetime, usually at night,” he shares.

Gary still however maintains paying a monthly allowance to her, but has definitely spent less in terms of going out and dining or shopping. “I do buy her stuff from Lazada or Zalora, but not the same as when we go out shopping – then I tend to spend more.”

I joined Sugarbook towards the end of 2018, and despite the MCO, I haven’t thought about getting off the app, because I know that these restrictions are temporary.

He talks us through how he uses the Sugarbook. “It’s mainly like any other dating app. You join for free, then you view profiles. Make sure you read the bios to understand who these people are, and what their demands are as well. People are a lot more straightforward in Sugarbook, they know what they want and aren’t afraid to tell you. If it’s something you’re willing and able to offer, you start to chat, and if all goes well, you meet up.”

“Which is great for me, because I don’t like to play games. If you want less limitations, you can upgrade your membership to premium, and pay accordingly. I guess how it differs from conventional dating apps is that here age doesn’t matter at all,” he shares.

*All names have been changed.


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Daddy Issues: Sugar Babies Share How They Survived The Pandemic
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