More than 15 years after its first release, Hugo BossBOSS Bottled continues to remain one of the most enduring fragrances for men. AUGUSTMAN was privileged to get a preview of the new campaign starring Gerard Butler in London.

Fragrance designer Will Andrews walked us through the makings of the timeless scent. “Boss Bottled is like a suit in a bottle as it has a very stylistic element, dressing the body, just like a suit does. We wanted it to make an impact but with an air of elegance. The woody scent has an anchoring affect and creates a structure, whereas the ambers and musks smooth out the rawness of the fragrance,” he said.

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Sophisticated, timeless and elegant, BOSS Bottled is sharp with a warm woody base with fruity and citrus top notes of apple, lemon and plum, balanced with a floral and spicy heart, dominated by geranium, with the added spice of cinnamon and clove. Warming base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and cedarwood are offset by vanilla. The latter, traditionally an ingredient in female fragrances, was regarded as revolutionary at launch.

Andrews demonstrated how the absence of a single ingredient in the fragrance would make a dramatic difference to the final product. “There is a tiny amount of natural rose oil, 0.1% in fact, to soften the overall blend,” he said, as he handed out a sample of the fragrance that was missing the rose oil component. It was harsh on the nose, even unpleasant, and illustrated the nuances of scent and the tough job that fragrance designers have on their hands.

The new campaign with Gerard Butler takes a bold and progressive stance in defining what it means to be a modern man. Like the fragrance itself, Hugo Boss is recognising that the “Man of Today” is complex and multi-faceted. Gone are the days where men have to live up to a narrow ideal of masculinity.

Butler had nothing but praise for the campaign’s new direction. He said, “The man of today can do many different things, whether in his career, hobbies or relationships. He knows how to conduct himself in all these areas. It’s about success, but not just success in our careers. It’s about being successful in all aspects of your life.”

BOSS Bottled is available in Eau de Toilette Spray (30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml), Aftershave Lotion (50ml and 100ml) and Aftershave Balm (75ml) at all leading retailers.

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