If you’re ready to leave the nest and thinking about setting up your very own bachelor pad, we’ve got some tips for you! Gone are the days of clichéd bachelor pads full of mismatched furniture and paint, centred around a giant entertainment spot and tacky decorations. Nowadays, the modern man cave proves that living solo does not mean forsaking a stylish home. From sleek furniture, to smart storage, the latest home entertainment system to even choosing the right colour hue and tone that evokes the right sense of personality or masculinity, discover how to elevate your bachelor pad to include functionality, class, and personality.

Here are some basic tips for setting up your own bachelor pad.

The paint job
Minimalist home
Industrial Blue and Icy Blue paint from Jotun. Image courtesy of Jotun.

Essentially you would want to keep the palette simple. A minimal approach to colours tends to make a space look larger, so there is no need to go too wild on a colour or pattern. A vibrant palette of red, white and blue catches the eye of any visitor and makes the place feel like home. Jotun Malaysia also makes painting or re-painting your space all the more easier, with its end-to-end e-service which provides colour inspirations and lets you book a painter even.

Inject some personality
Painting on wall
Image courtesy of Steve Johnson/ Pexel

A bachelor pad should not feel stark and cold, so incorporate soft materials such as velvet and faux fur to add an element of warmth and comfort that will have friends feeling right at home. Or incorporate a powerful wall art piece – but make sure the background colour of the wall is muted, so the painting ‘pops.’ For a sexy vibe, add a natural textured rug into the mix. It marries well with the rest of the decorations and can also be used as a throw.

Furry rug
Image courtesy of Daria Shevtsova
A touch of greenery
Organic Green by Jotun
The plant is accentuated by Jotun’s Organic Green colour. Image courtesy of Jotun.

Though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a bachelor pad, do not underestimate what an indoor plant can do for your space. It is a great way to decorate a male-dominated home; ideally you’d want to get plants that don’t require as much maintenance, such as ferns or ‘air plants.’ They are an easy visual upgrade, inexpensive yet a completely sleek way to dress up a living room, bedroom or even the bathroom. From large plants to succulents, a touch of nature is always welcome.

Boys Toys
Mood lighting
Image courtesy of Hasan Albari/ Pexel

One of the most used rooms in your bachelor pad is going to be your living room. Make sure you have room to have people over for a game or to crack open a bottle of your favourite drink. Plus with footy season back on track as lockdowns ease, set up a big screen TV and amp up your home theatre system. Have some mood lighting would also help, and if there’s enough space, why not add a pool table into the mix!

Set the bar
Indoor bar
Image courtesy of Bran Sodre/ Pexel

The final thing every bachelor pad needs is booze. Whether you have a custom-made bar cabinet or a gold plated rolling bar cart, every bachelor needs to be prepared to entertain his guests. Not to mention your friends would be pleased and come over more often, should you have a fully-stocked bar.

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