Kingsman: The Golden Circle premiered recently in Malaysia and tells the story of members of Kingsman discovering a spy organisation in the United States known as Statesman. Guests of August Man were invited, all dressed to the theme as either a Kingsman or a Statesman, for a special private preview of the movie at the Indulge hall of TGV Cinemas, 1 Utama. Treated to a scrumptious buffet and free flow of drinks prior to the screening, the guests partook in a photo op before they were ushered into the state-of-the-art theatre.

During the movie, they were served dessert and wine of fine dining standards all while comfortably seated in reclining seats for a truly pampered cinematic experience. As a token of appreciation, the guests were presented with limited-edition Kingsman grooming kits, copies of August Man-produced style guide Decoded: The Essential Modern Man and Indulge tickets.