For Sarah May Low, reading tarot cards is but one of many passions of hers. Describing herself as a walking paradox, she says that she gets bored easily and enjoys shocking people by her two extremely different personas – to which she quickly interjects, “No, I’m not a Gemini.”

What she means is that she’s a woman of science who also delves into the spiritual and philosophical. After all, she is a quantitative researcher pursuing a Ph.D. All this, on top of having been in the media and advertising industry for a decade, having a stint in an agency in Vietnam and designing shoes, to name just a few.

So before we delve into the reading of the tarot cards, it’s only apt that we get to know Sarah May Low a bit more personally.

sarah may low tarot cards
Sarah left her corporate career to start the Sarah May Low Tarot Academy

1. Tell us a bit about your background.

Well I’m an astrologer, tarot card reader, and life coach based in Malaysia. I’m also a full-time Ph.D. candidate on Human Communication and my areas of research include interpersonal communication, love, and intimate relationships. Previously, I worked in media and advertising for 10 years and was at an agency in Vietnam before moving back home. My list of clientele include celebrities, pageant queens, multi-millionaire business owners, doctors, lawyers, Ph.D. holders; and thanks to technology, I can conduct readings for clients all around the world, from South Africa, to Europe, the Middle East and more. In fact, my cards have traveled to more countries than I’ve ever been to!

2. You seem to be doing a lot, how do you even find the time?

I’m the type of person who always says “Yes!” to opportunities, because one of my greatest fears is having regrets and thinking “What If?” I would always try something at least once to get it out of the system; and at the same time, by pursuing so many things, I’ve gained the ability to view life from many perspectives – an academic, a healer, a performer, a business owner, a former corporate woman, a daughter, and former athlete, etc. These experiences give me the maturity and knowledge to resonate with my various clients on many levels.

When it comes to time management, I’m in a fortunate position where I don’t see work as “work.” My job is my hobby, my therapy, and also my passion. Hence, I believe, when you truly enjoy what you do, it will not feel like working at all and things will just fall into place.

3. Enlighten us on tarot cards

Tarot is a form of divination and contrary to popular belief, it only offers prospects of a situation in the next 12 months, it is not fortune-telling.

Many have heard of the (Carl) Jung personality types, where you take a quiz which tells you if you are an INTP or ENFP and so on. But many do not know the whole story of Carl Gustav Jung – the father of analytical psychology who invented the Jung personality system.

People are group into these personality types, known as archetypes, which are found as images in tarot cards. Believe it or not, Carl Jung and his daughter were astrologers and fans of the spiritual. In the 1930s, he conducted a seminar to review Tarot and IChing (a form of Chinese divination) where he theorised that tarot cards are quite accurate, because the images of the cards are reflections of our inner voice and insecurities.

What a Tarot practitioner does is, help clients bring out those thoughts, then create a structure or strategy to achieve certain goals, dreams, and ambitions. Long story short, Tarot reading is essentially life coaching, but using the tarot cards as a tool.

4. What made you quit your job and start the Sarah May Low Tarot Academy?

When I was in corporate, I already had a steady clientele base and was reading at many brand launches and corporate events, so it wasn’t a decision where I randomly woke up one day and quit my day job. After my father passed in 2017, it made me realise how short life is and I reflected on my purpose.

Deep down, everybody wants the same thing. We all want to do the things we love, feel fulfilled, while contributing to society, and getting paid. After helping thousands of clients find clarity, I knew that this was it! Plus, family comes first for me, and I wanted to fulfil my lifelong dream of getting a doctorate, so after completing my last project in Vietnam, I packed my bags, came home, and have never turned back since.

5. Why was tarot cards your calling, not say, palmistry?

Tarot cards and Western Astrology have a more psychological aspect to it and resonates more with me and my clients. There’s an element of free will too – if we want to change our lives, it’s all up to us. Many millennials are not fond of traditional Eastern readings, such as Bazi charts or Indian Vedic readings where things are ‘set in stone.’ Many traditional masters say ridiculous things like “You will stay single forever,” which is NOT true!

There are 8 billion people out there, even if 99 per cent of the population thinks you are ugly, the remaining 1 per cent is still 8 million people. So there are many chances for you to settle down. Most of the time, people do not find a partner because they don’t put themselves out there, change negative personality traits or heal certain personal trauma.

In life, there will be many routes that lead to your true calling and highest purpose, you don’t need to follow the crowd and it’s fine if you get lost along your way. The most important is to not give up!


Sarah May Low’s reading of tarot cards for 2021:

tarot cards aries

2021 Forecast: Be bold and confident in your ventures this year. There’s a possibility of a new relationship, business or job opportunity. Gaining support from others is also important for you to reach your goals in 2021.

The Aries Man: Aries man are always ready to charm, dazzle and sweep a person off their feet. Most Aries signs do not waste time and like taking the lead. They are straightforward and often say it as it is which is great because it’s unlikely that they will send mixed signals or be ambiguous. At their best, they are often pioneers and go-getters.


Amazing: Gemini, Aquarius

Great: Leo, Sagittarius

Good: Scorpio

Love/Hate: Aries, Libra

Disharmony: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces

Conflict: Cancer, Capricorn

tarot cards taurus

2021 Forecast: If you want a happy relationship or business partnership, you need to listen to your desires instead of acting out of duty and responsibility. In 2021, learn to work on communicating your emotions as your feelings are valid. You will find that by sharing your needs and inner thoughts, you become more powerful with influencing the people around you as people will start to see the “real” you.

The Taurus Man: The Taurus usually do not make fast decisions as they need time to evaluate a situation or person before giving an answer. However, once they make up their mind, it is almost impossible for them to spontaneously switch ideas or change plans suddenly. Taurus men love quality over quantity and this includes food, clothes, things, friendships and lovers. At their best, they are determined and hardworking.


Amazing: Cancer, Pisces

Great: Virgo, Capricorn

Good: Libra

Love/Hate: Taurus, Scorpio

Disharmony: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius

Conflict: Aquarius, Leo

tarot cards gemini

2021 Forecast: You will find yourself having a positive flow of new ideas which would help in making many of your wishes come true in 2021. Overall, there will be good communication, health and excellent social life especially in the second half of the year. One thing to take note is that while you are channelling your energy into your career pursuits or in your building your network, do also spend time with loved ones as your partner might feel neglected.

The Gemini Man: Gemini man would always try anything at least once. They are not easily shocked and are usually genuinely interested in understanding people and experiencing new things. They love excitement and live life vicariously. At their best, they are accepting, non-judgemental and communicative.


Amazing: Aries, Leo

Great: Libra, Aquarius

Good: Virgo

Love/Hate: Gemini, Sagittarius

Disharmony: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Conflict: Pisces

tarot cards cancer

2021 Forecast: Patience is needed for you to achieve good results in 2021. Though there may be some quarrels, competing interest and domestic strife this year, learn to choose your battles. Sometimes, it is better to let go to achieve harmony in partnerships – in business and in love. Rest assured that peace will be restored after trouble times.

The Cancer Man: Cancer men do not take human relationships and emotional matters lightly. As Cancer is represented by the image of a crab, they usually have a hard shell to hide their true emotions. They are protective of their feelings and do not easily let anyone in but once they are fond of someone, it’s quite hard to ever say goodbye to them. At their best, they are caring and nurturing.


Amazing: Taurus, Virgo

Great: Scorpio, Pisces

Good: –

Love/Hate: Cancer, Capricorn

Disharmony: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Conflict: Aries, Libra

tarot cards leo

2021 Forecast: A lot of your focus this year is on stability. You are wanting to stabilise yourself financially, emotionally and also in your career. In 2021, you would also find yourself being thrifty with money and careful with your expenditure. There will be good news in areas of money, career and also studies.

The Leo Man: Leo man are expressive and usually enjoy the spotlight. As the Leo sign is represented by the sign of the Lion, they enjoy being the King of the Jungle as they are natural born leaders. They usually take good care of people around them – friends, lovers, colleagues and family members. However, once you make them angry, run as fast as you can as the lion’s roar can be quite scary. At their best, they are confident and ambitious.


Amazing: Gemini, Libra

Great: Aries, Sagittarius

Good: –

Love/Hate: Leo, Aquarius

Disharmony: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Conflict: Taurus, Scorpio

tarot cards virgo

2021 Forecast: You are determined to increase your possessions and have material stability in 2021. Your focus this year is purely on practical matters as you are wanting to explore investments such as purchasing of properties, stocks, bonds and maybe overcoming certain financial problems that you have faced in the past year.

The Virgo Man: Virgo men are analytical and have the tendency to think a lot (sometimes overthink). They enjoy their own personal time and do not like it when other people intrude their personal space. They also care about their appearance and believe that first impressions are important. At their best, they are trustworthy and orderly.


Amazing: Cancer, Scorpio

Great: Taurus, Virgo

Good: Gemini

Love/Hate: Virgo, Pisces

Disharmony: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Conflict: Sagittarius

tarot cards libra

2021 Forecast: 2021 will be the year where you reap the fruits of your labour. You would be able to finally relax after a period of working hard and this year you would also find yourself having the means to purchase items that you have been wanting for a long time and would make your life more comfortable such as the sports car that you have always wanted, renovations and upgrading your home.

The Libra Man: As Libra is the sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Many Libran men are known to be romantic. Because they are naturally charming, Libra men also make very good salespeople and also negotiators. At their best, they are charismatic and fair.


Amazing: Leo, Sagittarius

Great: Gemini, Aquarius

Good: Taurus

Love/Hate: Aries, Libra

Disharmony: Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Conflict: Cancer, Capricorn

tarot cards scorpio

2021 Forecast: This year you are wanting to find balance in your life. If in the past year, you have acted in alignment with your Higher Self and for the greater good of others, you have nothing to worry about as you will receive the fairness and justice you have shown to others. You will not be swayed by outer beauty when deciding what is fair and just.

The Scorpio Man: The Scorpio man is one who do not trust people easily, however, to win them over, all you need to be is “yourself” as they can sniff out fake people from a mile away. They like having a good look at you but are particularly prudent about revealing their own true personalities and showing their intentions. At their best, they are committed and protective.


Amazing: Virgo, Capricorn

Great: Cancer, Pisces

Good: Aries

Love/Hate: Scorpio, Taurus

Disharmony: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Conflict: Leo, Aquarius

tarot cards sagittarius

2021 Forecast: There’s victory is the air for you this year in many parts of your life – love, friendship, business, career and family. Be bold and daring when facing new venture. For single Sagittarius, there may also be a possible love relationship with someone younger on the horizon.

The Sagittarius Man: Sagittarius men are charming and usually have a good sense of humour. They also exude a childlike twinkle in their eye and are often adventurous. Yet, at the same time, they can be quite well-versed in philosophical topics. At their best, they are carefree and optimistic.


Amazing: Libra, Aquarius

Great: Aries, Leo

Good: Pisces

Love/Hate: Sagittarius, Gemini

Disharmony: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Conflict: Virgo

tarot cards capricorn

2021 Forecast: In 2021, use your intuition to deal with deceptive situations as things that happen around you may not be what it seems at first glance. So be careful before trusting someone or committing to any business deal. Certain paths that you are planning to take this year may be difficult and causes fear but do continue even if you have doubts because all will turn out well.

The Capricorn Man: It is quite hard to read a Capricorn man as they are not ones that can easily excited and can appear non-committal. They do not share opinions until you ask them and when that happens, they would usually be straightforward and be pretty “matter-of-fact”. They value people who are hardworking and are business-minded like them. At their best, they are practical and calm


Amazing: Scorpio, Pisces

Great: Taurus, Virgo

Good: Aquarius

Love/Hate: Capricorn, Cancer

Disharmony: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius

Conflict: Aries, Libra

tarot cards aquarius

2021 Forecast: The foundations that you have been building in your life is finally solidifying, it’s the beginning of a prosperous time in your life. In 2021, do expect more stability, security and also financial improvements, such as bonuses and salary increments this year!

The Aquarius Man: The Aquarius man is usually lively and fun-loving. As the sign of “friendship”, Aquarius man love having friends of all backgrounds, being part of many social circles and also hobby groups. At their best, they are humanitarians and also great visionaries.


Amazing: Aries, Sagittarius

Great: Gemini, Libra

Good: Capricorn

Love/Hate: Aquarius, Leo

Disharmony: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

Conflict: Taurus, Scorpio

tarot cards pisces

2021 Forecast: There are many things for you to reflect on and re-evaluate in 2021. Be careful of thoughtless actions especially those that does not benefit you long term. If necessary, slow down projects in the next 3-6 months so that you decide what you truly want and reorganise strategies to better your relationships or career.

The Pisces Man: Pisces men can often appear “dream-like” and many of them are artistic or musically inclined. They are always on a search something out of the ordinary or special – career, business, relationship, friendship, area of studies or even skillsets. Clothes are a form of expression to them and many Pisces man would dress according to their mood of the day. At their best, they are sensitive and empathic.


Amazing: Taurus, Capricorn

Great: Scorpio, Cancer

Good: Sagittarius

Love/Hate: Pisces, Virgo

Disharmony: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Conflict: Gemini

written by.
Aaron Pereira
Digital Editor
This fine chocolate man, (that is a connoisseur of fine chocolates) prefers real-life conversations and living off-screen, but is slowly and surely embracing the digital, search engine optimised life.

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