With The Face Shop having launched its #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign back in July, the leading Korean beauty brand is now in the midst of selecting one deserving winner out of 30 remaining from the initial 100 participants shortlisted.

The campaign which encourages everyone to “Dare to Be” was a resounding success, and has been a journey for most if not all who took part in it. Dare to be what exactly? Well, just themselves, whether it is feeling free in their own skin, gaining self-confidence, accepting oneself. All acts which take a lot of courage, which these men and women have dared to showcase throughout the journey.

As part of The Face Shop #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign’s objective is to add value to the participants, the shortlisted entrants took part in a series of virtual workshops, beginning with an introductory course, followed by three thematic sessions. Each thematic workshop, led by campaign mentor Venice Min, an entrepreneur and advocate for female empowerment, offered participants live demonstrations, hands-on product trials and targeted challenges, together with advice from seasoned guest speakers. And to keep the contest exciting, each workshop saw virtual eliminations taking place, from 100 participants, to 70, to 55 and now 30 participants for the semi-finals.

Here’s a breakdown of the workshops during The Face Shop #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign.

Workshop 1 – Dare to Own This Look:

Participants learnt how to create quality content which is beneficial and relevant to their followers. Each participant was also asked to create a make-up tutorial video and their own signature look.

Workshop 2 – Dare to Shine:

This session focused on photography, angles and lighting with the expert advice of a professional fashion and beauty photographer, and concluded with an outdoor photography challenge.

Workshop 3 – Dare to Do Good and Feel Good:

Here those involved in The Face Shop #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign got a valuable peek into the world of professional social media stars, with insights on how to find or create a niche and stand apart from other beauty content creators. An established blogger and brand ambassador, also offered advice on working with brands and clients as well as tips on compelling product reviews.

The Face Shop #EcoBeautySquadMY
The Face Shop #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign also thought participants valuable knowledge

Now what’s upcoming for the participants is to take part in a challenge termed ‘My Better Half.’ This will see both the men and women having to do a dual make-up look, one for each half of their own face. And after this challenge, 20 participants will be eliminated, as 10 progress to the finals.

The finals take pace on December 12, 2020 and the winner will receive a comprehensive grand prize package including a 12-month contract with The Face Shop, a 12-month supply of the brand’s Nature Smart range of products and more, all worth up to RM20,000!

Interview with Wong Hui Zhong
wong hui zhong
Wong Hui Zhong is one of The Face Shop #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign participants

We managed to speak to Wong Hui Zhong, one of the 30 semi-finalists of The Face Shop #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign to find out more about both the campaign and himself. And here’s how the campaign has pushed to become what he now ‘Dares to Be.’

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m currently majoring in English in Kampar, being originally from Sitiawan. I’m generally confident, thanks to my training in drama, and am also musically inclined. I play the piano, and I recently also started writing my own songs. Plus, I’m into fitness as well, it’s another hobby of mine which keeps me healthy.

How did you come to know about this campaign, and what made you want to join it?

Well, back in June 2020, a friend of mine, who’s also a semi-finalist, sent me the announcement The Face Shop of the #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign via Instagram. And I recalled seeing the beautiful The Face Shop outlet in Pavilion KL when I was in KL during my internship earlier this year.

I also thought that this would be a new experience for me this year, because I’ve never really touched on cosmetics and makeup before, so I took it as a challenge for myself. Plus, I was a model for my university, and being a model, it would be good if you know some basics about make-up yourself, so you don’t always have to rely on the make-up artist, or can make his or her job a bit more easier if you are able to do some minor touchups yourself. And I believe this campaign was a good place to learn.

Oh, so you know your competition well, or at least one of them.

Ah yes, my friend and I are both from Sitiawan, Perak, and she’s been doing make-up longer than I have, but I’m just in this for the experience, and I can say I’ve truly learnt a lot along the way. And who knows, I might just have what it takes to win!

Tell us some of the takeaways you’ve gotten from The Face Shop #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign.

We’ve learnt tonnes, and not just about make-up. One of the most important lessons I’ve come to learn was about branding skills. as well as photography skills. Previously I wouldn’t have put too much emphasis on branding and the way you would portray your content on social media, but I can see the impact of conveying the right brand message, taking proper pictures and such. It just makes you, or your feed, more captivating and attractive, which is a good thing, because more people would come to you.

In terms of make-up, I’ve learnt the basics like putting on foundation, even mascara. Though back then, I knew how to do foundation, but I used to pick the wrong tone and such, so this campaign has refined my skills and knowledge. I’ve also learnt the importance of skincare, which goes hand-in-hand with beauty products. It’s important to use sun-screen, toners and such, which most men generally ignore.

What has it been like since you started dabbling into make-up; have your friends treated you differently?

Since I took part in this campaign, a lot of my friends were in a way astounded. They’d come up to me and ask, ‘Hey Zhong, is this really you?’ and they’re generally amazed. One of my cousin’s also started to help me hone my skill, and helped me to start doing my own make-up.

Were there any difficulties you faced either prior to joining the campaign, or during?

Well, when I first came to university, it was quite a tough time for me. Being in the first year of uni, and away from family, there’s just a lot to cope with. On top of that, my mum also had to go through surgery, and I had to travel to and fro to Sitiawan every week to look after my mum. Oh, and there was also relationship issues that I was going through. All of these really stressed me out and made me feel somewhat hopeless –I eventually suffered a breakdown.

How did you overcome that difficult time?

Well I tried to distract myself by joining a lot of activities in university. Taking part in all that I could and felt like. That’s when I realised my self-value began to grow. Throughout that year, I was an emcee, a stage performer again and also represented my uni by becoming its official model.

Then going into the second year of uni, I started to realise I can write songs, and in various genres, which I found amusing and uploaded it on my Instagram. Little did I know, a local singer noticed and approached me two months ago to sign me under her label to become a songwriter. Further, I also managed to do an interview with Hollywood celebrity Maggie Q, albeit via Skype.

Well I guess you’ve definitely managed to turn around your situation in one year, and I’m glad you’re living by the Dare to Be ethos. Would you also dare to tell us what your ‘Better Half’ look is going to be this Sunday, to gain you a spot in the finals of the campaign?

Can I surprise you all? We’re supposed to post our look on Instagram, so you can see it there then. or you can follow the campaign via The Face Shop’s website or social media channels.

Sure. Do you have any parting words?

My take on ‘Dare to Be’ is to be as vulnerable as anyone, but also to be as brave as someone. It’s daring enough to be yourself and speak the truth. It’s important to do what you think is right, and you need to be real, and treat people with kindness.


For more information on The Face Shop and to keep up with its #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign, visit the brand’s website or follow its official Facebook or Instagram profile.

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