It has been one week since this partial lockdown, but no doubt the social distancing is leading us to boredom. This scary phase is forcing to shut down all entertainment outlets, including movie theatres and bars. With a lot of time to spare, deciding how to spend isn’t as easy as it seems. Scrolling down the social media may be helpful but it isn’t the best option for a long time.

While being a good citizen and staying in your home, depending on TV could be the best choice. Most people cannot deny that movies can be the best companion and cure to boredom. However, deciding on what to watch can be as stressful as thinking of what to do.

2020 has seen plenty of good movies so far. The first quarter has a compilation of drama, comedy, suspense, and thrillers. Here are a few good movies for you to binge on while staying in during this Movement Control Order (MCO) phase.