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2016’s Deadpool was a bit of an anomaly. After being stranded in development hell for over a decade, the Merc with a Mouth’s first cinematic outing shattered countless of box office records upon its release, including the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. Upon its tremendous critical and financial success, it is no surprise that a sequel went straight into production.

Directed by David Leitch, the filmmakers behind Deadpool 2 decided to up the ante by amplifying everything that the audience love about the first movie. The action sequences are more dynamic, more pop culture references are being sprinkled throughout, and the team is bigger than ever now. Alongside a spot on portrayal of the titular character by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 expands upon its cast with worthy additions such as Zazie Beetz’s Domino as well as Josh Brolin’s Cable. (Dude’s having a great summer considering he just balanced the universe).

Following the immense success of its predecessor, Deadpool 2 could’ve been just a retread of the first one with more filthy jokes and people would’ve flock into the cinemas to see it anyway (During opening week at least). However, the filmmakers opted the decision to center its focus on the titular character’s emotional journey. Despite its vast ensemble of cast, Deadpool 2 never strays its focus away from Wade Wilson, choosing to develop him into a layered and fleshed out character instead of a one-liner spouting machine. Much like in Deadpool, Wade Wilson’s emotional journey takes center in Deadpool 2.

That’s not to say the movie isn’t without its faults. Deadpool 2 can be predictable at times, following narrative tropes that are often associated with its genre. Fan favourite characters from the first movie have to take a backseat in order to make way for new characters in an already crowded film. In addition, the plot of the movie could at times be unfocused, despite its (Maximum?) efforts in developing Wade Wilson as a fully fleshed out character.

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Underneath all the f-bombs and fourth wall breaking moments, Deadpool 2 is essentially a story about one learning the values of fighting for someone rather than himself. If the first Deadpool movie is a story about love, its sequel is one about the importance of family. Alongside its sharp sense of comedy, exhilarating action sequences, as well as a surprisingly heartwarming message at its core, Deadpool 2 proves that the franchise shows no signs of stopping, and has no reason to.

Deadpool 2 opens in cinemas from May 17 tomorrow onwards

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