Do aliens exist? The alien-themed K-drama Glitch on Netflix might convince you to believe so. Be prepared to dive deep into the weird and wild world of sci-fi conspiracies in this Netflix Original, which stars Jeon Yeo-been as Ji-hyo, who can see the extraterrestrial. But when her boyfriend (portrayed by Lee Dong Hwi) disappears under mysterious circumstances, she will do whatever it takes to resolve the case. In pursuit of her search, she teams up with her childhood friend, Heo Bo-ra, a UFO enthusiast.

K-drama Glitch: The plot of the sci-fi Netflix series

Ji-hyo likes to reaffirm that she is rational and sensible because she can’t trust what she sees. Her world looks perfectly normal to outsiders because they are unaware of her occasional paranormal experiences. Ji-hyo has random alien sightings and receives mysterious messages from the media. Would the cops believe her if she admitted that she could see green men that resemble walking E.T. posters? Certainly not! So naturally, she prefers to keep her eerie experiences a secret.

Ji-hyo joins forces with Heo Bo-ra and her UFO club buddies to track her boyfriend down. But as she continues her investigation, she realises she stepped on a potentially more dangerous conspiracy. So again, the team comes up with strange but oddly compelling ideas to reach her boyfriend. Of course, the aliens in Glitch are hardly as convincing as life forms, but their mysterious messages to Ji-hyo keep you hooked throughout the series.

glitch k-drama netflix

Jeon Yeo-been plays the protagonist

This sci-fi action comedy marks the debut of acclaimed film director Roh Deok, whose work includes Very Ordinary Couple. Jeon Yeo-been recently played a persuasive attorney in the hit drama Vincenzo. She will also appear in Into Your Time this yearLee Dong Hwi last appeared in Pegasus Market and will soon star in Casino.

The cast: Jeon Yeo-been, After School’s Nana, Lee Dong Hwi

Where you can watch it: Glitch premiered on Netflix on October 7. 

Watch Glitch Here

(Main image: Netflix; Featured image: IMDb/ Netflix)

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