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Nazim Othman loves his life, perhaps much more than most. As a successful actor, he’s also recently beaten a brain cancer scare to come out wiser and even more grateful for the opportunities that have come his way. As one of the few local celebrities to manage his own career, there’s an obvious lack of entourage lackeys wherever he goes. “That’s not to say it’s been easy. When I first started to make some headway into acting, I had to face a lot of tough situations. You really have to be confident in yourself, and be honest with your strengths and weaknesses. And it’s very important to have the street-smarts to navigate your way through,” he says.

Men of the Year 2015: Nazim Othman, Actor-am_il_v1001_i_d624c4ec956f65f1b2059daa4c85a2ec04_1d72c9935d13edf688c72d01c3b2d0dd74

Photographs by Vincent Paul Yong/Studio Verve, Outfits by Emporio Armani, Watches by Bell & Ross

As you can expect, he doesn’t live in a world where he second guesses his decisions. “When you’re faced with a situation that’s completely out of your control, you learn to make the best of things and just take it one day at a time,” he adds. That’s why he never looks back and wonders ’what if’. He admits there are situations where he’s made mistakes, as well as ones where he made the right decisions. “I don’t regret anything. All my life choices taught me invaluable lessons, and made me the man I am today. I believe that certain things are meant to be.”

When asked about his mantra for a job well done, he says discipline is key. “Talent is important, but really, it comes second to discipline. How can you be a good actor when you’re turning up late?” Citing Rosham Noor as a mentor-like figure, Nazim still has much to achieve and wants to start rebuilding his career with a new drive that will surely see him succeed.

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