As the younger generation comes into their prime, August Man Malaysia homes in on one of Hollywood’s finest embodiments of the era’s zeitgeist and star of the new Baywatch film and Hugo Iced fragrance campaign—Zachary David Alexander Efron, more famously known as Zac Efron. 

With the onset of summer, we can’t think of a better film and leading man to spotlight in our June issue than the film adaptation of only TV’s biggest beach, sunshine and body beautiful series throughout the 1990s, Baywatch, and the movie’s co-lead, Zac Efron. Revolving around the lives of a cadre of ridiculously attractive lifeguards tackling crime, drowning victims and relationship issues against a backdrop of the Californian coast, the show, which spanned 11 seasons from 1989 to 2001, with an ever changing and growing cast led by David Hasselhoff, launched the careers of a great many actors and models, most notably Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth, Carmen Electra, David Charvet and David Chokachi to international phenomena, becoming the show to watch for both men and women.  

Despite the long hiatus between the series and the reboot for the big screen, the 2017 Baywatch, directed by Seth Gordon (of Horrible Bosses fame) sizzles once more with an all-new cast led by Dwayne Johnson as the iconic Mitch Buchannon (previously played by Hasselhoff) and our man of the hour Zac Efron as Matt Brody (formerly portrayed by Charvet), supported by Alexandra Daddario and Priyanka Chopra, with cameo appearances by Hasselhoff and Anderson. In portraying the 21st century Brody, Efron plays a former Olympian brought in as a fresh face of the organisation to restore the squad’s brand, only to clash with its leader Buchannon.

Over the years, Efron has evolved lithely from his singing and dancing days in the High School Musical franchise and Hairspray, to taking on more dramatic and emotional roles in such films as Richard Linklater’s Me and Orson Welles, Charlie St. Cloud and Cannes Palme d’Or Best Film nominee The Paperboy alongside Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey, eventually getting comfortable in his own skin, portraying a range of playful, antagonistic, comedic characters as seen in Neighbours and the sequel Sorority Rising, Dirty Grandpa alongside Robert De Niro, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, daring to poke fun at himself—all while becoming a fine specimen of a man and developing a keen sense of style that ranges from street to edgy, to dapper, effortlessly, not to mention a suave personality that blends the slick moves of the 1950s and a youthful, man-child persona of contemporary times.

“Move, shake things up, that’s what makes life an adventure. I think that’s where I am in my life”

Ultimately, the Golden State native, who turns 30 this year, has flourished into an ideal embodiment of millennial masculinity—the multi-faceted man who lives in the moment and goes for the gusto; who is passionate and knows how to have a good time; who is marked by his individuality and a high spirit that comes as a breath of fresh air every time. Hence it’s no wonder that when Hugo Boss was looking for a face for its new fragrance, Hugo Iced, a partnership was struck between the brand and the actor with an intriguing mix of classic movie appeal and an irreverent, urban edge.

Created in line with the powerful boost of daring freshness the Hugo Man delivers, the campaign stars Efron with the aim to inspire younger generations to act on their passions to achieve their goals, to empower millennials the world over to explore and embrace every opportunity that comes to them, as captured in the campaign’s tagline and, admittedly, a personal life mantra the actor abides by—Your Time is Now. 

Hugo represents the fresh progressive side of Hugo Boss. How do you identify with these qualities?

The reason I was so excited to be a part of the Hugo Man campaign is because I always try to keep things fresh and interesting. I think that really is the key to life. Move, shake things up, that’s what makes life an adventure. I think that’s where I am in my life, so I can relate to the idea of the campaign.

Tell us about a time when you took a leap of faith? And, what was the outcome?

The last time I took a leap of faith was with Bear Grylls. I jumped out of a helicopter with him, which was a pretty crazy experience. Luckily I survived. 

The Hugo Man is rugged yet stylish, passionate, and empowered to change the world. Is that you?

I definitely identify with the Hugo Man. I am very passionate about my work and the charities I work with. We only have one shot so we have to make the most of life and overcome our insecurities and accept the challenges life throws at us.

The concept behind Hugo Man’s new campaign is ‘Your Time is Now’. What do you think about it?

I believe in the fresh potential of every day. I think ‘Your Time is Now’ is a greenlight for our generation. Everybody procrastinates at some point in their life, I fall victim to it too. But the days I value the most are the ones when I remember to get up, go, take action, and take that first step. The reason that this campaign stands out is that it is motivational. It’s giving everyone permission to charge at life. 

The campaign celebrates the stories of the real heroes of our generation, who act on their passions. Who are your heroes and why?

I admire Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant but my grandfather and my dad are my real heroes. My grandpa is 86, and he still skis and swims every day. The point is that all of these guys give 110% every single day and that’s why they’re my inspiration.

Tell us about the campaign in your own words.

For me this campaign is really new, fresh and interesting. It is a reminder for people to get out, fulfil their dreams and to remember that there’s no better time to start than now. The campaign encourages you to wake up and set a goal—it is your green light to go and find your next adventure. I just love that aspect of it.

Hugo believes that it’s never been more important to find the courage to seize the day. How do you incorporate this mindset into your daily life?

When it comes to having the courage to seize the day, the most important thing for me to remember is to stay in the moment, stay grounded and really focus on what’s important.

What was your favourite part of the campaign shoot?

The vibe on set was really energetic. On the first day of shooting I had to walk across a steel beam that was 15 ft off the ground. So it’s been a fun and really fast-paced shoot and since I’d never really done anything like this before, it has been a cool and unique experience.

Hugo Man’s crisp, fresh notes of green apple, sage and masculine cedarwood invigorate the senses. What is your favourite fresh smell?

The ocean. I live in LA so I spend a lot of time on the beach and recently started surfing. That’s probably why I like fresh and unconventional smells, especially when it comes to fragrance. I like anything that brings to life the power of nature. I tend to like something that is more understated than overpowering.

How do you feel the digital era has changed the way that you, in particular, experience and interact with the world?

Information travels so fast right now, so on a personal level, the digital era has made it easier to talk to people and to communicate with them, but it has also made it more difficult to actually connect with people.

What are the main challenges that millennials face today?

I think a big challenge for millennials today is to remember that it’s okay to slow down and enjoy life. Everything moves and changes so fast these days; our lives are moving 10 times faster than ever before. So it’s really important to remind yourself to stop and really soak it up, try and make each moment precious and don’t let life just pass you by, stay present! Keep your phone on silent and only pick it up on your own terms. I find that to be really calming. 

What are you doing at the moment to fulfil your potential?

I have shot a lot of movies recently, which meant I was constantly away from home. So I’m working on fulfilling myself spiritually by reconnecting with family and catching up with friends that I’ve lost touch with. It’s like landing back on earth after a year of being away. 

What is your next ambition and challenge you want to accomplish?

My next ambition is to learn how to surf. I have tried it a few times before, but I really want to get better. 

Is there something you always wanted to try but haven’t had the courage to go for, yet?

I have always wanted to complete a triathlon, or a marathon. I just haven’t managed to do it yet but I’m determined to finish one soon. 

The modern generation isn’t afraid to take charge of their own destinies. How have you defined your own success in life?

For me, success means doing what I love and continuously challenging myself. It takes courage but you have to believe in yourself and make the most of every opportunity. I’ve always lived by the idea that actions speak louder than words! 

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Created for a generation of trailblazers who aspire to live their dreams, Hugo Iced aims to encourage millennials to embrace the fresh potential of every day. A unique blend of invigorating icy ingredients, the fragrance evokes the uniquely bold and irreverent nature of Hugo and inspires the wearer to embark on the adventures of a daring and expanding world. It opens with bracing top notes of invigorating iced mint, which explode in a cool, cutting-edge fusion of freshness to awaken and energise the body and spirit while instilling courage in the mind. As it develops, the revitalising top notes interact with an innovative heart of wild tea—a potent and exotic ingredient that embodies an ice-cold earthy, frozen effect and a playful juxtaposition of vibrant juniper alongside sub-zero bitter orange. This abundantly fresh accord evokes millennial intrepidness, delivering an additional boost of confidence. Lastly, an inherently masculine note of wild vetiver is brought to the fore in the deep and intense base, enhancing the cool effect and resulting in an uplifting feeling of calm. Every spray gives a powerful boost of confidence and tells the wearer that today is the day, go for it: #YourTimeIsNow. Hugo Iced comes complete with a shower gel and deodorant stick.

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