Binge-watching a light-hearted romantic series with friends or a partner is always fun and comforting. Witnessing something so pure and relatable unfold on screen not only touches your heart but also elevates your mood. And with everything Korean taking over the world, the best romantic K-dramas of all time are just what you need for a binge-watch.

The perfect blend of a strong storyline, crackling chemistry between the lead pair, comic timing and a stellar cast will keep you glued to your TV screens.

So, from Start-Up to Descendants of the Sun, our list of the best romantic K-dramas will surely tug at your heartstrings.

10 of the most romantic K-dramas of all time

Crash Landing on You (2019-2020)

Crash Landing On You
Image: Courtesy Netflix

One of the top-rated Korean series on IMDb, Crash Landing on You is written by Park Ji-eun and directed by Lee Jeong-hyo. The 16-episode series stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin in leading roles.

The story revolves around a South Korean heiress, who accidentally lands in North Korea. But fate has other plans, as a charming army officer decides to help her.

Fun fact: Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin shared such incredible chemistry on Crash Landing On You that they were plagued with relationship rumours for months even after the show concluded. So when they finally announced last year that they were officially dating, the news pretty much broke the Internet. The (ridiculously) good-looking pair eventually tied the knot in March 2022, and in June, revealed that they were expecting. Talk about the perfect happy ending.

You can watch the series on Netflix.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021- )

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
Image: Courtesy ©tvN/IMDb

The 16-episode Korean series narrates the story of a dentist who decides to set up her practice in a seaside village. As destiny would have it, her path crosses with a charming jack-of-all-trades who lives in the village.

The series stars Shin Min-a as Yoon Hye Jin and Kim Seon-Ho as Hong Du Sik, among other characters.

With an IMDb rating of 8.6, you can watch the series on Netflix.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

romantic k-drama series
Image: Courtesy ©tvN/IMDb

Starring Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji and Oh Jung-se, this romantic K-drama depicts the emotional healing of an antisocial writer and a psych ward caretaker when their lives intertwine.

Written by Jo Yong and directed by Park Shin-woo, the show is rated 8.7 on IMDb. You can watch the 16-episode series on Netflix.

Descendants of the Sun (2016)

romantic k-drama series
Image: Courtesy IMDb

This beautiful love story is about an injured soldier who meets a surgeon and falls for her. What separates them is their polar opposite ideologies. Will they be able to unite despite their differences? Watch the series to find out.

Rated 8.3 on IMDb, the cast has Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo as protagonists.

Watch the show on Netflix.

Start-Up (2020- )

Image: Courtesy IMDb

The inspiring romantic series is about a bunch of young entrepreneurs who try to find their way in Korea’s technology industry as they experience love and success.

Rated 8.1 on IMDb, the series is written by Park Hye-ryun and directed by Oh Choong-hwan. The star cast boasts Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho and Kang Han-na in pivotal roles.

You can watch the show on Netflix.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

romantic k-drama series
Image: Courtesy IMDb

The romantic K-drama is about how a self-centred business heir’s life goes for a toss when his capable personal assistant decides to quit. Starring Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young in lead roles, the show was an out-and-out hit with an IMDb rating of 8.1.

The 16-episode series is based on a novel of the same name by Jung Kyung-yoon. You can watch the Park Joon-hwa directorial on Netflix.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016-2017)

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo
Image: Courtesy IMDb

The coming-of-age, romantic-comedy is directed by Oh Hyun-jong and stars Lee Sung-kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Lee Jae-yoon and Kyung Soo-jin in main roles.

The story follows a group of college-going athletes who are striving to excel in their fields. Among them is a weightlifting star who meets her childhood friend — a talented swimmer — only to realise that she has a crush on his cousin.

Rated 8.4 on IMDb, you can watch the series on Netflix.

Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019)

romantic k-drama series
Image: Courtesy Netflix

With a stellar star cast comprising Lee Na-young, Lee Jong-suk, Jung Eugene and Wi Ha-joon in lead roles, the plot is about an editor-in-chief of a publishing company, who is at the pinnacle of success. However, a twist awaits him as his path crosses with a former copywriter who is looking for a job.

Rated 8.0 on IMDb, the series is available on Netflix.

My Secret Romance (2017)

My Secret Romance
Image: Courtesy Netflix

The 14-episode series revolves around a nutritionist who meets her boss — who turns out to be someone she had slept with.

Sung Hoon, Ji-eun Song and Jae-yeong Kim form the main cast of the series. Rated 8.6 on IMDb, the series is directed by Kang Cheol-woo.

You can watch the series on Netflix.

Nevertheless, (2021)

Image: Courtesy Netflix

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, the 10-episode series is about two classmates who are attracted to each other but are cynical about romantic relationships. However, the duo gets involved in a friends-with-benefits equation.

The series has Han So-hee and Song Kang playing the lead roles. Written by Jung Won and directed by Ga-Ram Kim, the show has a 7.3 rating on IMDb.

You can watch the series on Netflix.

(Main and Featured image: IMDb)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the most romantic K-dramas released in the past five years?

Answer: 'Crash Landing On You' (2019–2020) became one of the most highly rated K-dramas of recent times, gaining worldwide recognition. Some other popular and well-received romantic K-dramas in the past five years include 'Something in the Rain' (2018), 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' (2018), 'I Am Not A Robot' (2017) and 'Go Back Couple' (2017).

Question: What are the best Korean romantic drama series?

Answer: Other than the above-mentioned names, here are a few more romantic K-dramas for you to check out: 'Something in the Rain' (2018), 'Love Alarm' (2019-2022), 'Memories of the Alhambra' (2018), 'Snowdrop' (2021) and 'Twenty-Five Twenty-One' (2022).

Question: What are the best romantic comedy K-dramas to watch?

Answer: 'Doom At Your Service' (2021), 'I Am Not A Robot' (2017) and 'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' (2016) are some of the best-rated rom-com K-dramas you should add to your watch list.

Question: Which is the most romantic K-drama to watch on Netflix?

Answer: 'Business Proposal', 'Crash Landing on You' and 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim' are some of the most romantic K-dramas to watch on Netflix.

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