Netflix is testing its ‘Play Something’ feature for mobile devices, which we hope will be made available locally.

The American giant doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon. Subscribers of the streaming platform may be able to discover the new Netflix “Play Something” option directly on the mobile app in a short while.

Despite the huge quantity of series and movies, not to mention documentaries and reality shows, it’s a common occurrence for many of us to find ourselves wondering what to watch on Netflix. To overcome this 21st century problem, the streaming platform launched the “Play Something” button in April, available only for the TV and web version (outside of Malaysia for now.)

Now, Netflix is rolling out this tool on its mobile application as well, Engadget reported. The American streaming giant had already revealed its intention to deploy the “Play Something” tool on its mobile app when it was announced.

For adults and children

For now, this feature is still in the test phase and only involves a few lucky subscribers with Android-based phones. Netflix has not indicated whether the test will be extended to Apple smartphones. Still according to Engadget, this test has been deployed globally however Netflix has not specified the countries concerned so far. What’s more – even kids’ profiles will be able to enjoy this feature.

A strategically smart decision on the part of Netflix that, thanks to this system, will allow its users to stay connected to the platform without having to look for inspiration on other platforms given the current intense competition between the various streaming leaders.

Recently Netflix has been announcing new features and other tools in development with great frequency. The American giant also seems to be giving special importance to the development and improvement of its mobile application. A few months back Netflix launched a test that put a timer on content watched to determine a desired time before the mobile application shuts off.


This article was published via AFP Relaxnews

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