Netflix offers an elaborate catalogue of outstanding shows and movies.

No wonder it is a service millions across the world are hooked on. But have you ever wondered how much time you’ve spent watching Netflix? This is where Netflix Wrapped becomes useful.

Looking back at how the year went by has become a ritual for many. While some of us get into the ‘throwback’ mode — resharing memorable moments from the year gone by on social media — others opt for an analytical approach over nostalgia, relying on data on how much time they spent on certain activities.

The ‘wrapped’ concept is exciting for such users because not only does it provide a lookback at how the year was spent but also satisfies the ‘data lovers’ with raw numbers, charts and metrics.

A similar tool is Spotify Wrapped, which compiles a user’s entire music history of the year and breaks down the data in visually pleasing and easily shareable formats.

Read on to know about your 2021 Netflix Wrapped, and how it works

What is Netflix Wrapped?

(Image: Alin Surdu/@alinsurdu3/Unsplash)

Netflix Wrapped is a Netflix analytics tool that is solely devoted to learning about what a subscriber has watched on the streaming platform.

The data provided by the Netflix Wrapped tool not only helps subscribers understand their tastes in movies and television shows better but also shows the time they have spent on the content hosted on the platform.

Where to find Netflix Wrapped?

Image credit: CardMapr/@cardmapr/Unsplash

The first step is to get the tool. This can be done easily by Chrome users on the Chrome web store.

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, Netflix Wrapped is not a Netflix official product. Therefore, there is more than one extension labelled “Netflix wrapped” on the Chrome web store.

So, a better way to pick the right extension is to check the number of downloads — the one with more downloads can be somewhat trusted. Checking the reviews is also important.

How to use the extension?

(Image: Souvik Banerjee/@rswebsols/Unsplash)

Once the extension has been downloaded, it can be selected from the top right corner of the browser. Extensions are available as a drop-down list when the jigsaw icon is clicked.

The moment the extension is clicked, Netflix Wrapped collects data from the user’s viewing history to obtain information for its report. The tool takes more time to compile the data when it is used for the first time than on subsequent uses.

What does the extension reveal?

(Image: Malte Helmhold/@maltehelmhold/Unsplash)

Once the Chrome extension has completed its analysis, it presents the data for the user’s viewing.

The data is quite informative and provides users insight into what they typically watch and how they are affiliated with Netflix as consumers. It contains information on how many days, hours and seconds the user has spent watching Netflix.

A graph showing how many hours you have spent on the streaming platform per month is also presented. It is a great way to find out the time spent by a user watching movies and shows, and then understand what they like to watch.

This is not all, hours watched history is also depicted by days of the week, where weekends dominate.

The content rating breakdown feature analyses how a user has watched Netflix based on the ratings of shows and movies.

With the help of the genre category, which includes thrillers, documentaries and sports, the bar graph reveals the most-watched genres by a user. This is based on the type of content a user has watched more throughout the year.

So, if a user prefers shows like Squid Game over a series of other genres, the bar graph would show a spike for ‘TV Dramas’ — the genre it is marked under on Netflix official site.

Is it available on any other platform?

(Image: Glenn Carstens-Peters/@glenncarstenspeters/Unsplash)

No, Netflix Wrapped is available only on the Chrome web store, at the time of writing.

Mozilla has several types of Netflix add-ons but not Netflix Wrapped. Microsoft Store, too, does not have the product.

(Main and Featured images: Thibault Penin/@thibaultpenin/Unsplash)

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