Bruce Wayne made a mark among many people from growing kids to adults over the years. His cool gadgets and trademark cars have all turned into exclusive collectibles.


May it is Lewis G Wilson or Ben Affleck, each casts attached to this brand has offered their hard work from altering themselves to the body language and transforming their physique.


Since the recent announcement, DC has confirmed that Robert Pattinson will be playing the Wayne Enterprises owner. Eyebrows have been raised on how well the Twilight vampire would triumph the role of a billionaire vigilante. Will Robert Pattinson be able to fit the Batman suit?


Batman, Robert Pattinson


Since it is a DC superhero standalone, the English actor would not need to transform his physique to fit into the suit. Having a rock-solid physique would be a plus but is not necessary as Robert Pattinson would be playing the younger version of Bruce Wayne. Furthermore, the character has not always had a six-packed body until Christian Bale. 


According to the comics, Batman’s physique grows bigger and loses sleek to becoming slower as Bruce ages, which was portrayed by Ben Affleck in Justice League and Batman vs Superman. Hence, an elite and fast display by Robert under the suit would do fine.


“I love Batman”
Robert Pattinson


Pattinson is not new for transforming his physique. After his departure from the Twilight trilogy, the British made an outstanding performance in “The Lost City Of Z” where he dropped 15 kilograms for the role. This proves that he is capable of changing his physique to play a character.




Here’s another of Pattinson’s best performances, Cosmopolis. This film had him traveling as Eric Parker, a billionaire who roams around with no aim in life who then screams for a change. Does that spoiler ring a bell? Well yes, that would toe the mark of being a young spoiled billionaire named Bruce Wayne.


However, the new Batman had Christopher Nolan to guide in the sets of Tenet. As the actor elaborated “I was talking to him (Nolan) about things to do with the Batsuit. How to get more movements in it.”


Robert Pattinson Batman
(Photo: 4plebs)


To be honest it is a norm for a new cast of Batman to be judged by the digital world. Wouldn’t a swift physique like Robert Pattinson’s under the suit be a good fit for a young Batman? We could give our thoughts but it is entirely his job to fill in the blanks.

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An enthusiastic writer with a keen interest in film studies, Dhakshaan Kumar is August Man Malaysia’s new digital writer. He may be fresh out of uni but has penned several film scripts of various genres and even dabbled in filmmaking. The communications degree holder harbours dreams of making it big as a writer and filmmaker.
Will Robert Pattinson be able to fit the Batman suit?
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